There’s a lot of talk about dupes appearing across the beauty industry at the moment! As with anything, it can cause a bit of debate whether it’s fair on the brands that first created the typically more expensive brands. Despite this, I thought I’d give a bit of an overview of the two products and treat them as if they weren’t a copy of the other!

Jo Malone

We all know Jo Malone as a classic British fragrance brand that is undisputedly a beautiful brand. From their counters full of candles, fragrance and beauty products to the wonderful packaging they know how to make a statement product. Over the last few years their fragrances especially their perfumes have been increasingly popular and has even been bought by the Estee Lauder group.

For my wedding day, I knew I wanted a signature scent that was clean, British and lasted! I decided to treat myself to the set of miniature 9ml fragrances which was £77. I LOVE the Wood Sage and Sea Salt scent which is so fresh and clean. This is one of their popular base fragrances which means it can be layered with other perfume. The set of perfumes allowed me to layer up on my wedding day and admittedly I used way too much but it was the hottest day of the year and I had a lot of people to hug!

The set was a cheaper way to try all of the fragrances compared to just buying the one bottle for around £44 or £80. Admittedly, this was a massive treat to myself and I would never normally be able to afford the brand. It truly is the perfect brand to buy a present or a one off treat!

For Christmas, my mum got me the Wood Sage and Sea Salt shower gel which I save for date nights or special occasions, it’s that nice! To give some context, the shower gel is £30.

The Aldi Alternative

The Aldi alternative has clearly been made to look and have the same fragrances of the Jo Malone range. It doesn’t have all of the fragrances but as we saw at Christmas they’ve put a lot of the fragrances into gift sets or multiple ranges. I think my only issue with the range, which doesn’t stop me buying it but could be an issue, is the way it’s been blatantly copied. From the font on the packaging, the size and lid style and the fragrance names. This has clearly been done on purpose because they wouldn’t sell if they weren’t a copy.

However, when you look at Jo Malone shower gels being £30 a go. This is a nice way to have a lovely fragrance with a pretty bottle in your bathroom. The Aldi versions are only £2.99. I bought my mum the range for Mother’s Day as its a great gift idea and looks lovely as a set. It won’t ever stop me buying Jo Malone because they are better quality, range and service. However, if you like a nice fragrance and want to treat yourself or make your bathroom look stylish with the hand and body wash, get down to Aldi! I have also bought their candles which are lovely and super cheap too!