I’ve not done a beauty haul in ages and what better time to treat myself than when there’s a new Benefit blush release. Benefit is my favourite beauty brand on the planet so I wanted to be ahead and try the new Gold Rush blush box powder. Of course, I had a free delivery target to hit so I may have added a couple extra bits… (insert hiding monkey emoji).

Benefit Gold Rush Blush

This powder is currently an exclusive release to Cult Beauty which is super exciting. It is every makeup lovers heaven as it’s a rose gold blush! I use Benefit blushers pretty much every day, I am a die hard Hoola fan and Dandelion is my signature baby pink. I’ve also become a huge fan of Dallas recently so it was only right to add to my collection.

This blush is as good as it looks! It is described as a ‘pan of pure Californian gold’ and is a beautiful peach colour with lots of golden sparkles inside. This is more of a glitter than shimmer product but the overspray that Benefit often does with their shimmery products tends to fade after a month to reveal a beautiful peach blush. This still includes a gorgeous shimmer which just suits my freckly pale skin beautifully! On the skin, this is a gorgeous peach and gold shade and works as a highlighter and blush in one. This is sure to be a summertime favourite for many. It even smells incredible. This is currently only available on Cult Beauty for £25.50 here [LINK]

NYX Soft Matte Metalic Lip Cream in Milan

I am always looking for new pink shades to add to my collection. When I used to work full time I got so bored of applying makeup every day that I didn’t really care how I looked by the end. Now I’m freelancing and meeting new people, each day is a bit more exciting. I enjoy getting ready and trying new looks. So I bought this lipstick to boost my look each day. This reminds me so much of an old matte cream lipstick I had from Collection. It is the same colour shade and although I thought this would be more of a baby pink, I actually love the metallic hot pink it is more!

This suits my complexion really well and even paired with Gold Rush is so complimentary. This stuff does NOT budge! I wiped the swatch off my hand after photographing with a slightly damp glycolic pad that I had used a few minutes before and it didn’t even touch it. I had to grab an actual lip makeup remover! These are going to be perfect for days in London and I’m tempted to buy more already! There are loads of shades available and they’re only £6! Bargain! [LINK]

The Ordinary Serum Foundation – 1.0NS

As you may have seen in previous posts about The Ordinary, I LOVE the coverage foundation. I think for the price, it is an incredible product and suits my skin tone perfectly. As I loved the coverage version so much I wanted to try out the serum one too. I knew it was a lighter formula and although I was worried it might not be as heavy coverage, I wanted to see if it was a good ‘everyday’ foundation. I’ve only tried this once for this blog post but I’m impressed already. The formula is indeed lighter than the coverage version but not drastically.

The coverage is medium but just feels lighter on the skin which is perfect for everyday makeup. It has covered my dark circles and blemishes perfectly and I’d be happy to go out with this on and no concealer. I’ll be doing a full review comparing the two very soon but I’m equally as happy with the serum foundation as I am the full coverage. Again, this is only £6 and an absolute bargain. For reference, I am an NC20 in MAC, Ecru in Estee Lauder and 150 Buff in Revlon Colourstay for colour matching. [LINK]

Benefit Gold Rush blusher review Cult Beauty The Beauty Type blog

This is all of the products on my face! Nothing else on there!

Have you bought any new purchases recently? What should I be picking up next and most importantly, what shades do I need to try from NYX lip creams!?