As you all know, I’m late to any bandwagon and this was no exception to micellar waters. I am such a die-hard fan of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish that I find it hard to incorporate new products. However, Nivea’s range of Micellar Water inspired products are much more up my street. The range utilises the micellar water to remove all traces of makeup and dirt for an effective makeup removal.

The Range

I have three products to show you today which gives you a good idea of what’s on offer from the micellar range. The MicellAir Oil Free Micellar Gel is an eye and lip makeup remover in a gel formula rather than a lotion/water. This is a lovely texture as if you’re wearing a heavy eye or lip you can use a small amount of gel because it goes a lot further. You can even see the air particles within this product so you can tell it will really work at delicately removing your makeup. It also doesn’t leave that dry tight feeling behind or residue which is really nice. I often find separate makeup removers compared to a cream or washes often are targeted to when you want to be super thorough. So this is the ideal product for that. It is even suitable for contact wearers and perfume free!

Next up is the MicellAir Micellar Water 3 in 1 Makeup Remover. Now you may wonder what is different about this compared to the gel but this is more water based. It is like using pure water on your face. The Gel is more targeted at eyes and lips but this is for all over the face. An ideal one to have by the side of your bed after a night out rather than a wipe! This is perfect for sensitive skins. It has no need for rinsing so it’s a really quick solution to removing all makeup!

Lastly, I’ve got round to trying the Nivea Daily Essentials, Caring Micellar Wipes. Now we know how taboo wipes can be but we ALL have days where we’re so tired our eyes won’t stay open long enough to thoroughly cleanse. Or we’ve had a few too many wines and a wipe is better than no wipe! These are 3 in 1 cleansing wipes for even waterproof makeup and with the micellar technology lifts all the dirt away like a magnet. I can testify after feeling so stressed and tired, this was a blessing after a bad day because I NEVER sleep in makeup. Even on my darkest days, I will always take it off somehow.  Although I won’t use these every day, these are ideal for on the go or by my bedside table!

Have you tried Micellar products? There were so many in the last year or two that it’s great to see so many brands providing their version whether its just micellar water or even gels! I think these are perfect for quick makeup removal with the reassurance you’re deeply cleansing!

You can check out the whole Micellar range from Nivea in Boots [LINK] and Superdrug [LINK]. What would you like to pick up from this range? The gel has to be my favourite for heavy nights out to make sure I don’t wake up with panda eyes!

I received these as free gifts from a magazine interview I had but was not obligated to review them!