There’s no easy way to show how insane the Maldives is. I feel like I could share every photo and it wouldn’t do it justice and it was so hard to know where to start when reviewing the island we stayed on. It was THE best place I’ve ever seen in my life and I can’t get over how lucky we are that we got to go. The island we went to was the Kuramathi Island Resort which is part of the Rasdhoo Atoll, 20 minutes sea plane from the capital Male.

I wanted to start with the food. Normally I would review the room and amenities but let’s face it, food is very important when deciding on a hotel. The food we had was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Every meal was amazing and I wanted to highlight some of the best meals we had. A lot of the dinner’s we had were set on the beach and there was a lot of ‘mood’ lighting which meant photos were pretty difficult but I’ll do my best to showcase everything!


The most important meal of the day! One of the best parts about being away is the huge choice you get for breakfast. When you’re at home you never have three courses for breakfast but on holiday, it’s a must! At the Kuramathi, because the island is so large each area of the island is divided up to be allocated a buffet restaurant. This is always your breakfast buffet but you can have lunch and dinner here if you wish.

We were given the Haruge buffet which was near the reception end. The restaurant was huge, it had two sections of seating and a great selection of food with the main egg/hot food station in the centre of it all. Each day you had a great selection of eggs cooked to your liking, pancakes, waffles, then usual western cooked breakfast, curry/Maldivian breakfast and even Chinese breakfast. They really had catered for all of their tourists! I absolutely loved the breakfast and my only sad comment was the lack of strawberries, however considering it’s in the middle of nowhere, I understood they’re not an easy import!


For lunch, as we were part of the Select All Inclusive (which meant we could eat anything, anywhere) we had lunch in all of the restaurants that served it. The first day we stumbled across The Palm. Oh my, the Palm. Not only were the waiters super nice, but the food was incredible. I am almost crying and salivating at the food in these photos. We had some beautiful lunches here because I just needed to experience this food often.

The first meal I had in the Maldives, bar our quick buffet dinner when we arrived was the best start to a holiday. I had the Homemade Maldivian yellow fin tuna in olive oil which had a Tartare of coloured tomato, parmesan cookie, ruccula mayonnaise, garden cress. I mean just heaven. This is the best meal I’ve ever eaten in my whole entire life. 

The food is so fresh and tasty, well presented even when you’re just having lunch. Of course, cocktails go down a treat and it’s just the nicest lunch experience.

The second option for lunch was the Island Coffee Shop. This was a lovely cafe style restaurant by the pool. It was a bit more relaxed than the Palm and was more sandwiches, panini, burgers and fish and chips! There’s such a selection and you can never get to try it all in a week! This was great for a more casual lunch where you just fancy a portion of chips and a good sandwich! These were lovely, great side salads and a lot of thought put into the taste!

The third option for lunch was Inguru which was at the opposite end of the island to our room/reception. This was a cafe/restaurant for lunch during the day with the most beautiful views of the bright blue sea. At night time this was the Asian-Fusion restaurant which we had dinner in one night.

One of the other lunches which I had twice it was that good, was the Cesar salads. I’m not one for a salad normally, I think it’s often over priced lettuce but I’ve been converted. EVERYTHING about the salad was good. Not only did they create beautifully presented salad with shrimp on (because when you’re all inclusive, you’ve got to choose shrimp over chicken!) but they also toasted garlic which was caramelised, the dressing was light and tasty, anchovies and super fresh salad. We had this twice each and we loved it so much. Perfect on a hot day… which is everyday in the Maldives.

They served the same menu in The Palm and Inguru with a couple of changes to sandwiches etc to mix it up slightly. This just allowed you to change up your scenery which if you look at the photo above of the bright blue sea, which has not been edited in the slightest you can see why this was a beautiful lunch setting.


With every meal, as part of the all inclusive package you could have dessert! Mostly this was ice cream based and most days we managed to squeeze it in! This dessert was a mango, pineapple and passionfruit split with cream and sauce. In the Palm you could choose how you wanted your ice cream, whether sauce, sprinkles, nuts, anything. You name it. They did it. This was always a lovely refreshing treat.


As mentioned at the start, as the ambience and lighting of the restaurants in the evening tended to be quite dark and not optimum Instagram lighting! However, the food was once again a delight. We ate so well and enjoyed super fresh fish straight from the Indian Ocean and we had amazing American steaks. This was the best steak we’ve ever had below, it was tenderloin and cooked perfectly. Dan also had the flambéed steak Diane in the Island Barbecue restaurant which was cooked at the table for us. A great experience.

The food was always so fresh, they grow a lot of the salads on the island in a botanical gardening space which is great to see. Obviously a lot of it is imported but I love that they’re doing the best to be sustainable. In the seafood restaurant, The Reef, it is a beautiful restaurant with a fresh fish counter that you can choose your fish for your dinner. These are catch of the day’s and Dan had the red snapper. It was delicious and incredible to have fish caught that day! Everything available for dinner was great! Something you just have to experience once in your life! There are loads of restaurants that you can dine in all as part of your package if you’re part of the Select All Inclusive. If you just do all inclusive you get only buffet food and have to pay a crazy price for any A la carte restaurants. For an extra £40 a day per person in a select all inclusive package you can eat in ANY of the restaurants on the island (3 courses) and you can have a huge selection of wine included. I highly recommend doing this, it would feel like you’re missing out otherwise.

I think this may have been the longest post I’ve ever written.  The Maldives is obviously an incredible and luxurious place. I would 100% recommend going at some point in your life. It’s expensive and a treat and not something you can do every year but it’s real life luxury. The food just made everyday that little bit more exciting and amazing. I just now want to cry an ocean of tears because I wish I was back right now!

I’ll be doing more posts featuring the island soon! Hopefully not as long as this one! If you’d like to look into booking this incredible trip, we booked with Kuoni here [LINK].