There’s nothing more enjoyable than laying on a beach, a cocktail and reading a book. There aren’t many times I can solely focus on just reading, even when I try to read before bed I can often find myself distracted by social media or things to do at home. I absolutely love reading and really enjoy getting sucked into a new world and story. This holiday I finished one book but also used a couple apps to read magazines and also have a few that I’ve still got to finish!

Behind Closed Doors – B A Paris

This book was kindly gifted to me by one of my best friends Georgia. She knows me so well and knew this would be right up my street. I finished this book whilst we were in Sri Lanka and finished it within a couple of days. We only spent a couple of hours a day in the afternoons by the pool but I absolutely stormed through this. There was one night where Dan was shattered and fell asleep so I stayed up and finished this.

The book is so twisted but very cleverly done. You’re hooked from the start because the marriage between Grace and Jack just doesn’t seem right. You learn about her life, friends and sister Milly. Without giving too much away, the marriage isn’t all rosy like it seems and we learn about the story of the couple! A serious page turner, and well worth a holiday read! This is only £5.45 on Amazon [LINK] but it’s also part of a 3 for £10 paperback deal [LINK] so best time to stock up on new reads!

Sapiens : A Brief History of Humankind

This book is one that’s so big, I’m still reading it! I did my best to read this in the Maldives but I’ve still got a way to go! This book is a bit of an educational one but something I’m really interested in. This book covers everything from the start of apes, sapiens and the human evolution and how the world adapted and learnt. It may sound geeky but its actually really interesting and something we should all know more about. Each chapter is written in sections and kept clear and concise. It even covers everything in detail to make it understandable. For example, when discussing why the human race are addicted to eating junk food, its because our primal instinct back in the day was to eat all the fruit because you didn’t know when you’d get fruit again. It’s in our genes! If you’re into educational books that aren’t boring, this is the one for you! Again, this is only £4 on Amazon [LINK] but is also available in the 3 for £10 deal [LINK].

Readly – Magazine App

I never thought I’d be recommending an app to read magazines but I’ve been amazed by the Really magazine app this month. I got a free trial of the app just before our holiday and thought it would be perfect for carrying lots of magazines all in one device. Readly offers over 2000 magazine titles including well known names such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Time, Elle, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, and so many more. Just before take off I downloaded all of the latest titles and got to read them all in amazing HD quality on my iPad. It has an offline mode so you can read on the go! For only £7.99 a month, you can have all your favourite news stand favourites at a tap of a button as soon as they’re released! I seriously recommend this for anyone who loves magazines but doesn’t buy them as much anymore because this allows you to dip into any and all titles! You can even try the magazines you wouldn’t normally pick up! Tip for all beauty gals, the recent Zoella Glamour Issue is on there now! You can download the app and sign up here for a month’s free trial! [LINK].

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