Ever since I became a beauty blogger at the grand age of fifteen (yes I was a young’un), I have always been obsessed with owning MAC makeup. MAC has decreased in popularity across the blogosphere over the years compared to ‘back when’ it was all anyone talked about. I have always wanted to own more. Over the last few years I’ve been adding a lipstick to my collection. It’s become quite the ritual to buy a one for special occasions such as graduation, my birthday or wedding day!

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My collection is small with only 5 MAC lipsticks, four bullets and one crayon stick. However, I absolutely love them and feel a million dollars when I wear them. MAC lipsticks have a beautiful look to them even in packaging. The sleek black packaging and silver detail always looks nice in my acrylic storage.

My collection

mac lipstick collection beauty blogger makeup reviews northampton beauty based lifestyle blogger swatches.jpg

(Left to Right: Kittenish, Angel, Shy Girl, Snob, Viva Glam Gaga)

It can be really hard to find the lipstick for you when it comes to MAC as their collection and shade range is pretty huge. I knew I loved pink, we all need a good baby pink in our collection. So my collection is very pink focused!

ANGEL – FROST. Angel is my favourite lipstick. This is the colour and finish I love the most, I’m so glad this was my wedding day lipstick. I bought this after seeing every blogger talk about this for years. I knew the perfect baby pink existed somewhere and it was with MAC. This suits my skin type and hair colour perfectly and gives me a beautiful everyday baby pink. It suits every makeup look and has a light moisturising sheen to the finish. If you need a recommendation for a wedding lipstick or the perfect baby pink, Angel is the must have!

Frost lipsticks tend to be more glossy than the matte counterparts which I really like. They’re not super juicy or wet like a gloss so it’s the perfect in-between!

VIVA GLAM GAGA. This was a limited edition charity edition with Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper so is no longer available. This lipstick is super old so I probably shouldn’t even own it anymore. It’s still in my collection as only I use my lipsticks so it’s hopefully ok to use! This is a super bright bubblegum lipstick and the first one I owned from MAC. Although I have no idea what makeup look to wear this with, it’s a bold pink lip and still a awesome lipstick! This is very very similar to Snob.

SNOB – SATIN. Snob is a satin finish which means it has a medium to full finish but with a softer finish than matte lipsticks. This is on par with Viva Glam for pink colour intensity.  I prefer the finish of Snob as its a little more matte and leaves a flatter colour. However it is still very pink. I like to wear this when I’m on a night out or big day out as it’s got a long lasting colour and bold colour pay off!

SHY GIRL – CREMESHEEN. I really have every type of finish within my collection don’t I! Cremesheen lipsticks are a medium finish with balmy textures. Shy girl is a gorgeous browny nude that compliments fair skin tones well. I find nude colours hard to match with my fair skin as browns can be really unflattering for me. I think Velvet Teddy would be too brown for me but Shy Girl is the perfect in-between nude. We all need one in our collection to go with a smokey eye and Hue is the perfect option! It does look quite orangey in my swatch but if you apply a light blotting/face powder on your lips to create a blank base for lipstick, this applies a lot more nude.

PATENT POLISH LIP PENCIL IN KITTENISH –  This lip pencil is something I got out of a Cohorted beauty box a good while ago. This isn’t a colour I would automatically pick for myself but it’s got a lovely everyday glossy texture which works for days at work. It’s a standard pink colour that isn’t too red. It works for every makeup look and if you’re a fan of glossy textures, this is one for you. The pencil format works well for easy application and it’s interesting to try their pencil formats instead of bullet lipsticks.

I am desperate to try more MAC lipsticks, they’re always on my radar for new shades. It’s a shame the price has gone up so much over the years, I swear they used to be £12 and now retailing for about £17! Luckily I only buy them for special occasions but I do always want more! They’re like collectables!