A few weeks ago I was invited down to the Miele Taste for Design, Just Imagine event in London. The event was in conjunction with Bell Northampton who sell Miele ovens ready to deck out your kitchen. They sent me down to London to check out the Miele Taste for Design experience.

The Taste for Design experience is the A-Z experience of everything you need to know about Miele as a brand, their ranges of ovens and all the understanding of what is included. It can be such a daunting experience when you go to refurnish or build a kitchen. It’s a big commitment and buying a kitchen off the shelf can be disappointing if you have certain requirements for your cooking needs.

The experience

Miele have come up with the genius idea of their Taste for Design experiences. These food based mornings are 5 hours long but fly by. The event has a maximum of 10 people so its quite an intimate affair. Our event only had 3 people in so you may get a really lucky to get all your questions answered!

The event is held by two chefs who cook but also tell you everything about the ovens as you go! The format tends to be talk about one oven, try some food, oven, food and so on. You get quite a few courses of food and as it’s presented by professional chefs it’s incredible food.


The Ovens

I was blown away by the information you get given, there’s more to ovens than meets the eye! Firstly you start with the main ovens and you’ll learn about the ranges from mid range to high end. There are different options available for the interface so you can tailor it to your preferences or style. If you’re going modern, theres lots of touch screen version available too.


We then also learnt about the microwave ovens as well as the steam ovens. I’ve only seen steam ovens once before and seeing them in action to cook our food was awesome. The steam cooks food perfectly and quickly, our monkfish was cooked in this and it came out super moist but not ‘wet’. I now want a steam oven if I had the room. Rice, vegetables and fish cooks perfectly in the steam oven and it’s definitely one to consider if you’re doing a kitchen refurbish. It’s a very new way to cook but if you’re a keen cook, it’s one to think of!

The Kitchens

You also get to check out the kitchen show room. This means there’s a lot of information to take in, but the team explain it all thoroughly. Everything is demonstrated infant of you and they showcase the induction hobs as well as gas. They also offer demonstrations of the extractor hoods which means you can see all the options that could suit your kitchen.

The Details

The whole event is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about ovens they already own OR for anyone looking to kit out their kitchens. It’s a really informative day and is something not many brands offer. What’s more hands on then experiencing food cooked in the ovens your looking to buy.

The event only costs £30 which considering how much you’ll learn as well as the awesome tasting menu which is superbly cooked, it’s well worth your time and money. I wish more brands did events like this it provides a real personal service.

If you’d like to learn more about Miele products, you can visit Bell Northampton to look at everything you’ll need for your kitchen including fitting. If you’d like to see more about the Taste of Design event visit here [LINK] to book at either the London or Abingdon showrooms.