Last weekend we were kindly invited down as a Northampton blogger to the Grosvenor Casino in town to try out their menu, see the facilities and dabble in a touch of gambling. We’ve been only been to a casino once before so luckily I knew roughly what to expect but this one has exceeded my expectations!

Casinos are no longer restricted, members only places. Gone are the days of it being a lonely quiet place or only for those who ‘know what they’re doing’. This casino has a great hub of entertainment, food and gambling fun. This honestly felt like being on a cruise ship or a holiday entertainment hub and not the busy town of Northampton!

Grosvenor Casinos Northampton food and experience review food lifestyle and beauty blog Northamptonshire

The Facilities

The Grosvenor Casino is just outside of the main town centre on Regent Street. Coming into the casino you’re greeted by the staff right at the front and then you go straight into the restaurant itself. The restaurant is a grand affair, lots of wooden furniture, lush table settings, plenty of seating for parties or date nights and a bar.

There was even a entertainment act on that evening so we were treated to music. Hence why I said it felt like a holiday, it really does feel like when you’re being treated in a hotel. The service was second to none and nothing was too much trouble. Most of the staff had been working there for years if not decades so you could see the dedication was there.

Grosvenor Casinos Northampton food and experience review food lifestyle and beauty blog Northamptonshire

The food, the main event of course!

The menu is huge. There’s something for everyone, you can see the Northampton menu here [LINK]. From the starters, sharing plates, down to the large steak list, it’s big! There are even specials which Dan went for which he thoroughly enjoyed. The food is all well cooked and well presented. There’s no quick fast food here, it’s all cooked properly and it’s a pleasant surprise!

We went for the calamari and scallop starters which went down a treat, huge portions! Then we had a fillet steak and beef wellington! All cooked perfectly and if anything there was too much to eat!! Never a complaint but we were full!

Grosvenor Casinos Northampton food and experience review food lifestyle and beauty blog Northamptonshire

The food was really good and I’d recommend heading here just for the food alone if you’re looking for somewhere different for a date night. It’s a ideal place for a date, birthday or Friday night out!

The Casino

The casino itself is upstairs and away from the food! Once upstairs there’s plenty of roulette tables as well as blackjack. If you’re not a table fan then theres plenty of computer/slot machines for use!

We had a personalised lesson to get to grips with blackjack as we hadn’t played it before. This really helped so do ask the team for help, they don’t want you to absolutely cane your money in one go after all. So ask for help and advise and they won’t worry about you being slower. They also won’t let you make a million ‘mistakes’ so always talk to the team!

Ok so we didn’t win, but it’s fun to spend a bit of time on the tables. If you’re a little nervous about spending a lot in one go, then there is a 10p roulette table so you can have essentially 10 goes for £1 rather than spending £5 each time. Great for newbies or those just wanting to have fun rather than ‘gamble.’

Overall, we LOVED our evening at the casino. Nothing was too much trouble, everyone was super welcoming. If you didn’t know, when you gamble, drinks are free. So when you’re at the table you can have drinks nearby which is something many people don’t know. It can make a great evening out without needing to get drunk for the fun part.

If you want to check out your nearest Grosvenor casino which are dotted all over the country, check out their map here [LINK]. You can see all the details about Grosvenor here [LINK]

We were invited to review this restaurant and casino, however all opinions are my own!