The Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May marks our 1st year wedding anniversary which is mad. I can’t believe we’ve been married only a year, it’s gone so quickly but yet feels like forever at the same time. Dan had told me to keep the weekend free as he had booked a night away for us but didn’t say where until we were on the way. He had arranged a weekend in York which was the best treat ever. I felt extremely lucky!

Dan had organised us a Air Bnb apartment to stay in so that we had something bigger and nicer to make our own. It was in the PERFECT location, just a few streets away from the river. This is the Air BNB he chose, Helen was great and provided everything we needed in our little apartment. [LINK]. This meant we could walk to all the bars and restaurants with no issue or need for the car. The apartment was also next to the City Walls which are filled with history.

We basically spent the whole weekend, we arrived on Saturday and left on Monday, eating, drinking, walking, ice creams and chilling out. It was like having a mini holiday and it was perfect. We got so lucky with the weather as it was hot all weekend. I expected rain so didn’t pack well but it was no problem!

We had always wondered what York was like and apparently a few months ago I said I wanted to go there. I don’t remember that but Dan did hence why we went there. There is SOOO much to see and do here. There’s an abundance of bars, restaurants, independent stores, department stores, pubs and attractions. You could easily have a week away here be it as a couple or a family.

We ate lots of tapas, small plates and even got a Yo Sushi in. Which is one of our favourites so it was quite fitting to have it on our anniversary. We also ate out on Bishy Road which is a cute community high street just off the river and our apartment. This had a fine dining restaurant in and was so nice to have an anniversary meal in there. We got a great table and dressing up was always nice!

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The streets of York have so much history and they have absolutely every shop you could think of. There’s even a 7 day market that is called the Shambles. Down this area is where they either filmed or based Diagon Alley from Harry Potter from and you can totally see it. It was such a cool place to walk down, very Brighton Laines but with a lot more history and so many side streets to explore. The nightlife was BUSY, a big hen do/stag place to go!

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We had the absolute best time away and I’m so grateful to Dan for organising everything. It was the perfect place and accommodation. If you’re looking for a weekend away or a UK holiday, I 100% recommend York. It’s beautiful.