Onto day two of the wedding series and we’re now onto our photographer. The wonderful professional that captured our day. We chose Buffy Thompson Photography for our day and her work speaks for itself. She is simply wonderful! I wanted to make a special mention to Buffy as she provided a super service from the day we spoke to her until the day we got out photos. If you’re a Suffolk/Essex/Norfolk bride to be, definitely check out Buffy for your wedding photos. You honestly won’t regret it.

How we chose a photographer!

We simply googled! The best thing to do with most wedding related things is to search ‘X key word Suffolk’. By doing this for photographer, we found Buffy. I think I found Buffy through facebook or her website, I can’t remember. However seeing her portfolio was all we needed to confirm we liked her work.

When choosing we went through her work and then spoke to her on the phone. Buffy wanted to get to know us, what we wanted, where we were getting married all that good stuff to provide the right shots and service for us.

The Pre Shoot.

One of the best parts about getting your photos done with Buffy is that she provides a free pre-shoot as part of the package. This means you get to meet her, discuss your wedding day and have an hour or so worth of photos. We went over to Suffolk just by Woodbridge to have our photos done in the woods. This allowed us to get used to having a camera in our face, learn how to pose comfortably and meant it wasn’t odd when Buffy turned up on our wedding day. Imagine if the first time you meet and get used to a camera is on your wedding day. It might end up being slightly scary or hard to pose. This allowed us to treat Buffy as a guest of the day rather than a service. She gave us 100’s of photos from our pre-shoot which was amazing. These are photos we’ll treasure for life and make us look so ‘young and in love’ (Soppy alert).


Online Login

Buffy provides an online login portal for you to view your photos. This happened for both pre-shoot and the wedding day. This isn’t the place to download the hi-res images but to see what they’ll look like once you get the hi-res images. I LOVED this and as soon as the email came through, I was on it like a hawk! I love that you get a password and portfolio. Ideal if you wanted to show your photos to relatives!

On your wedding day!

You honestly wouldn’t have known Buffy was there. I think that’s so important to your day. The last thing you want is to be annoyed by people in your way or ordering family around. We got our best man to organise all of our family shots and so it meant Buffy was following us, not the other way around. She never kept us longer than we wanted but ensured we had all the perfect photos. I LOVE how many candid photos she took of us, like the photo above where of course my dad embarrassed me!

She got some amazing photos of our family which will be treasured for years. Normally you wouldn’t catch my grandma smiling in a photo or being in a photo full stop, but we have so many of them now which I’m sure when the bad day comes and she’s no longer with us, we’ll have some beautiful photos to remember her with.

There is a mix of black and white and colour photos which were perfect for special photos. This one above is a beautiful shot of Dad and I walking down the isle. The quality and composition is beautiful and I feel like she’s made me look the best I ever have!

Special touches

Even on the last moment of the day, Buffy said ‘you don’t have to, but the sunset is awesome so you might want some photos.’ So we did! My dress was filthy by this point, we were very merry and tired but look at that sunset. What a photo! We’re so happy with this photo, it will make a great canvas one day.

We had Buffy for a Half Day package which was plenty. She was with me from getting ready up until 9pm which was all we needed. If we were to do a full day I don’t know what else we would have needed photos of! It was all covered!

I honestly couldn’t recommend her enough and if you want some great family shots, wedding day photos or special occasions. Check her out! [LINK]

To see more of her great photos from our wedding day check out these posts [LINK], [LINK] 

All photographs are taken by Buffy Thompson!