Ever since moving to Northamptonshire I feel like we’re open to a world of new places to explore. When we lived in Northampton town itself, we did a lot of exploring through the South of the county. Now we’re closer to Peterborough it’s given us a new world to explore and as a Northamptonshire blogger I love to explore.

Whilst we’re very much under renovations in the house I’m one of those people that doesn’t want to miss out on going out too. I like having a mix of weekends of in the house and out and about or I’ll get very claustrophobic especially when working from home.

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So although I’m probably dreaming, I have a few places I want to visit this year and tick off within the UK!


I’ve always wanted to go over to Bath! Although its very much the other side of the country, we’re only 3 or 4 hours away which makes for the perfect road trip! The landscapes, the shops and town, the baths and the Circus look like the perfect weekend away. I’d love to go here at any time of the year but obviously everything looks better in the sun. I watch The Michalaks every week who moved to Bath last year and it just looks so British and classic.


I LOVE Edinburgh. I could honestly go there all the time and not get bored. It is such a vast city with so much to see and do. I took Dan there a couple years ago for his birthday for a weekend away and we stayed at 24 Royal Terrace boutique hotel  which was beautiful. If we go again, I’d love to go back to this hotel as we really enjoyed the location as it was so close to the Royal Mile. It was also quiet and away from the hustle and bustle. There were so many shops, bars and restaurants that I wanted to check out that we didn’t get time for. We would like to do a road trip up here to make it a bit more interesting next time.

As much as the roads are getting worse with terrible drivers,  if we got ourselves a backup camera system, a decent car that we could both drive and took it easy one long weekend it would be a great journey to do!

Grafham Water

Although this is only an hour away from us, Grafham Water looks like the perfect place for a Sunday day out. The huge water reservoir is the 3rd biggest in England and this has a section in the middle of the water with a pub and hotel on. It looks super idilic and so ‘countryside’. Being an hour away I’d love to go have a walk and Sunday Roast and I’ve heard that Oakham village nearby is really cute!

Stratford Upon Avon

About two years ago we headed over to Stratford Upon Avon. I remember there was snow on the ground and it was bitterly cold but it was that nice cold for a walk around the beautiful town. It’s so historic and even with the shops being modern, they’re in beautiful buildings! When we went over to Stratford it was the first time we’d ever been that way so we didn’t know what to expect. Now I’d like to return and check out the best bits, explore even further and try some of the restaurants or hotels!

So that’s my list and I think it’s pretty reasonable! Where are you thinking of travelling to this year? We’d like to get another holiday in at the end of the year if we can but if money gets tight, I’d like to do the weekends away instead!