Your bridal gang are a pretty important part of your day. You need people who are committed, on the ball and there for you! I am not one for a huge army of friends but I knew who my top three girls were for my big day. Alongside my mum, we had my maid of honour and two bridesmaids. This kept it easy, simple and I knew that I had a solid group then.

Deciding on your bridesmaids!

As mentioned above, I knew I wasn’t going to have a thousand bridesmaids. Some people are blessed with a tight knit group of friends but after uni and moving away from my hometown. I only saw my friends on a every so often basis. There has always been some friends who I don’t need to worry about time because if we don’t see each other for months, when we do catch up, there’s no hard feelings. Georgia was my first choice for my maid of honour. In the three years of university together, we spent pretty much everyday helping each other through it. She made the crap days better and she was the first person I told when we got engaged.

So much so, she screamed at me in Farringdon tube station when I told her. It was pretty obvious that from then, she was going to be my maid of honour. You need people who give a shit quite simply. I have a good group of friends now that I can easily count on and not worry about anything.

My cousins were my two bridesmaids. We group up always being the three girls of the family and they are sisters which works nicely. They were so excited by the wedding and it was an obvious choice again.

Telling them they’re going to be a bridesmaid!

I had fun making ‘bridesmaids’ boxes which you can see here [LINK] which were great for the family get together. This was a simple way of making the ‘asking’ part fun. The boxes were nothing special but a nice little keep sake for asking.

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For Georgia, my maid of honour, I got a personalised card made which it a bit more special. It essentially asked her if she would do me the honours of being the honour! She of course said yes!


The dresses were from David’s Bridal which was an ok shop to buy from but we did have a couple issues with the dresses so personally, I wish we had gone to bridal store instead. However I LOVED the dresses and the girls were all the same size which was quite funny. The pale pink was a instant colour choice as I knew I wanted subtle colours. It was a summer wedding so pale pink was a must. My youngest cousin was hard to convince to wear pink as a tom boy but as soon as she put the dress on, her face was a picture. You could tell she loved it! We decided on the dresses in one day and it was a great success.

I let the girls choose their shoes because comfort is key for that side of things. I was super chill about how they styled themselves to be fair. You can see our makeup and hair here [LINK].

Thank you gifts.

When we wanted to say thank you to our bridesmaids and best man for helping us, we didn’t want to go mad. We knew we wanted to keep it easy on the speeches but we still wanted to say thank you. We went to Goldsmiths to choose some jewellery that would be good for them to keep for years to come but also suited the day. This meant we could say thank you on the morning and they could wear the new jewellery that day.

We bought Swarvoski bracelets and earrings which were rose gold so beautifully matched the dresses. I secretly wish now I bought myself a pair! They are beautiful pieces and hopefully the girls will wear them for years to come.

So that’s that!

So I think that covers everything from makeup, gifts and proposals! If you have any questions about bridesmaids and the wedding, do let me know! My bridesmaids did a great job and of course, helped me pee and kept my hair and makeup on check which is always appreciated!

Photos by Buffy Thompson