Music is one of favourite things to get me through a tough day, a long drive or a working day. When people ask me what music I’m in to, it’s as varied from Abba to Bastille to George Ezra. It really varies but I just love having music on. When I am cleaning up I often have fun music on to keep me motivated and if the day is getting too long, then I know music will get it moving. There’s nothing nicer than a summery day, music playing through our Panasonic Speaker System and the doors and windows open!

Music-playlist-with-panasonic-bluetooth-speakers-my-favourite-music- the beauty type.com the beauty type lisa scott

I thought it would be fun to use my summer Spotify playlist to showcase my music taste and it might be of interest to you to find out what I’m into. A word of warning, it is such a random selection of top 40 music to old 80’s and even some World Cup songs in there. You can download this playlist or find some of my new music in this playlist! If you make Spotify playlists, do share them with me too as I love pre-made playlists for journeys!

I have been loving Chvrches recent album, it was our playlist when we headed up to York the other week. Their music is an album Dan and I can agree on quite easily which is rare. You’ll often find I have a bit of old school Glee or Disney in my playlists and he often gives me a look like what on earth is this? Generally he likes my music tastes but I always find it hard to describe my favourite artists. My wedding playlist was such a mish mash of different ‘love’ songs but I didn’t get too many complaints!

What music have you been enjoying recently? This has been my Summer playlist and if new music comes up I’ll just add to it and put it on shuffle for my commute or long days in the office!