Life can be stupidly hectic that when you’re busy being busy, the rest of your life gets left behind. I for one, struggle managing everything in moderation. If my house is tidy, it’s probably because I’ve let my social side slip. I can be a great cook, but I can also be the worst at managing my finances. Or I can be succeeding in my job and forgetting about the blog. It’s a vicious cycle.

how to spring clean your life

So it’s about time we got spring cleaning, not just in the home but in our life! Here’s my top tips on how to spring clean everything to get you back on track with life!

Clean out your social media

The worst thing for us is seeing people we don’t like on our social media. We all add people because we ‘should’, maybe their your old work colleagues, maybe its someone from school you never really got on with. If you don’t truly like them, nor care what they’re up to. Get rid. It’s so toxic to be caught up in seeing what people are up to and even if you like them, MUTE THEM! I mute so many people these days. We’re still ‘friends’ but they post some absolute rubbish and I just don’t need that on my feed.

Keep on top of your finances

*Insert a relevant gif about how boring this is.* I know finances are as dull as dish water but every few months have a look at what you’re paying for. Every few months Dan and I sit down, calculate our exact bills, check on what we spend on our food shops and keep a track. It can be daunting but you might find you have reduced a gas bill or get a tax refund to help. Do this before summer kicks in and you’ll know what disposable income you have left.

If you haven’t used it within the last year. Bin it.

My mum and Dan often think I’m brutal at throwing things out. They both hold on to things because they ‘might be useful’ later. Dan has often asked if I want to keep boxes that samples come in because they might be ‘good boxes.’ I hate clutter and despite my reluctance to tidy up half the time, I just don’t like keeping pointless things. Use my rule of 12 months or bin it. This goes for clothing, makeup, stationery, shoes or bath stuff. I often go through my wardrobe, tidy everything up and when refolding if the clothes haven’t been unfolded since the last time I did a sort out it’s pretty obvious I’m not going to wear it again.

Note: Re-finding old clothes and ‘loving them again’ does not work. Dan does this often. Bin that hideous shirt!

Print off your old photos

I am so bad at this but it’s so important. We live in a world where we save our photos on our phones and laptops. What if they were to be burnt down or break? I have printed off our wedding photos in a special book which brings a lot of joy just to flick through. Likewise, we have printed off our holiday in Madeira which was YEARS ago now. I desperately need to print off all of our holidays since then and that will be 1000 of photos. Make sure to get them printed especially since there’s so many sites that bring them and send them to you now.

Clean the house but live in it.

A insta worthy home is great, but you didn’t buy your house to photograph it. Keep it tidy, give the carpets and kitchen a good spring clean but don’t worry about going mad. Summer time brings in the most dirt so you’re better off doing occasional cleans. I live for Dettol wipes to keep the work tops clean. We also have real wood worktops so I like to make sure that every few months I top it up with oil to keep the wood soft and happy.


What are your top tips for a mind spring clean?!