In this hot weather, it’s all about maximum coverage of products. There is nothing worse than finding you get home to smudged makeup down your face. We’ve all been there, so lets fix it. The Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows are the perfect 24 hour wear eye colours that really do last. So say goodbye to smudgy eyeshadow and hello to long lasting colour.


65 Pink Gold.

Pink gold is a staple pink eyeshadow. I’ve completely come out of my comfort zones in the last year by embracing pink eyeshadows. I think they are so pretty and can be so complimentary especially in summer. This colour is so easy to wear if you’re not a big eyeshadow wearer too as it gives you a sheer wash of pink shimmer. See below for a swatch but this is a must have colour and can be the perfect base for other powder shadows.

35 On and On Bronze.

This is my third repurchase of this eyeshadow because it’s quite honestly beautiful. My biggest problem with these eyeshadows is that if you don’t do the pots up really tightly after a few months they do dry up hence why I’ve repurchased so often. This is such a lovely colour though so it’s well worth the issue. It is beautiful bronzey shimmer shadow and is a go to for every day eyeshadow. If you were to buy one of these colours, it has to be this one.

98 Creamy Beige

This might be limited edition, I found this on a whim and love it. It is part of the ‘creamy matte’ collection which is great for using as a base. These are similar to MAC Paint Pots when matte so this is an ideal eyeshadow primer. These eyeshadows stay put once on so it’s a great dupe for MAC or similar brands.


You can see below the swatches from left to right. How beautiful are they? You can see how matte and deep the creamy matte range is and the pink is such a girlie colour. I love it! A little FYI on the removal front. I did these swatches and not even hand wash would take them off. So they like to stay put!


The best part about these eyeshadows is their versatility as a eyeshadow on their own or as a long lasting base. These retail for only £4.99 and if you go for a 3 for 2 in Boots, you’re onto a winner for trying different colours! I cannot recommend these enough and think for the price they are, they are comparable to high end dupes!