So after my first renovation update, it was time for part two! A lot has happened and it’s good to help remind me what we’ve done so far! We’ve nearly completed the study and we’ve finally got the building work that was owed when we moved in all finished. I have also been finding antiques to ‘upcycle’ and we’ve got bathroom news! If you missed the first update, you can see it here [LINK]I apologies for the lack of quality in some of these images, it’s ‘real’ because we just keep updates on our phone cameras but I will be doing a proper in-depth review of the office once it’s finished with better images!


So if you follow my instagram, you’ll know that my study/office is finally done! The office when we moved in had a hole in the ceiling, holes in the walls that meant you could see daylight outside and pink flamingo wallpaper. Finally, I can now show off the final look. Although there’s a few final touches like the skirting board, the door is being re-sanded and finished and I need a touch more furniture. For now, the design is done. In terms of work done to this room, we had the window wall removed and re-packed with slate, re-boarded and then the whole room skimmed.

You can see that we’ve gone with grey walls with a bold dark blue feature wall. This is the most modern room in the house and I think it works so well as an office space. It’s really bright with natural light but the blind allows to me to control the amount of light too compared to a up and down blind. I furnished the room with a desk from La Redoute which I’m looking to show off in it’s own post soon. It has a monitor and all my money/printer and tech bits in!

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I said before that the bathroom was our main project and we’ve finally bought a bathroom. We’ve been without a decent bathroom or a shower for 6 months now and whilst it’s ‘fine’ and not everyone cares about showers, I just find having a bath everyday such a chore. It’s no longer a relaxing treat but a pain to sit in hot water when its 25C outside!

So we’re very excited that we’re getting out current bathroom completely gutted and we’re getting a whole new one with walk in shower fitted in 2 weeks time. I CANNOT wait. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do during the days we’re without a toilet but I’m sure it won’t be an issue because I just can’t wait to have a bathroom thats ours and new.


So our hallway has always looked like a building site because it’s always needed work doing to it. The builders took MONTHS to getting round to fix the job they did to begin with. Typical, hey. The plaster work that is right by the front door has finally been re-done which means we can finally paint and refresh the hall, stairs and landing. Even though we’ll probably stick with white, it will just be nice to refresh it. I’ve also bought a mirror for £5 from Facebook with delivery I may add, which was a bargain. This will eventually be up-cycled for the frame, I haven’t decided yet. It is however, the perfect hallway mirror to give yourself a quick check before heading out of the door. I have the perfect spot for it too just above the radiator so I can’t wait to get this on the walls!

In terms of work done to this room, we had the window wall removed and re-packed with slate, re-boarded and then the whole room skimmed.

Our bedroom also was fixed, again work that was owed. This had hole in the ceiling from some roofing work and the ceiling was FINALLY transformed. We now have a normal white ceiling not hideous purple. On what planet does a purple ceiling look good? I LOVE how much better white looks now.


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Whilst it’s been lovely weather, we’ve been in the garden for days at a time just trying to tackle the mountain of dead trees, weeds and crap in all honestly. We’ve very fortunate to have such a large garden but the previous owners and possibly before the too, took no care in the garden whatsoever. I’ve found weird pipe, glass, rocks in places that don’t need rocks, weird fencing that doesn’t belong. It seems mad that no one has ever cleaned it up. I know it’s a hassle but it’s more hassle for us now it’s all old!

I decided that the tree line next to our shed looked rather dead and the more I removed, which was all just falling apart in my hands, the more I realised it wasn’t say 6 or 7 trees, but three that were so over grown it was ridiculous. I got every cut and bruise in the book and also got pelted in the face with a stick that flung back at me. It was proper work but I’m so excited to clear it up. It’s hard work and it’s costly to make everything nice, but it will be well worth it in the end.

If anyone has any gardening tips, tricks or knows of nice plants that aren’t stupidly high maintenance, let me know!

So for now, that’s the update! Quite a bit considering the last update was in March and now we’ve got quite a few things about to happen. I’ll be sure to do updates on my instagram, twitter and of course a round up on here very soon! You don’t understand how excited I am for a good shower!