5 Signs Your Job Is Taking Over Your Mental Health – Girls In Work

I’ve collaborated with Girls In Work this month. Sometimes it’s only when you step out of a situation that you reflect on what had changed. When I left my job of two years, it was only a month after I noticed how much my mindset and physical presence changed. When I take a step back, I look at how upset and probably, undiagnosed, depressed I was.

I had everything going for me, I was getting married, I had a good salary, I had friends and my life was just starting. Yet come 5:30pm, I would spend a solid hour complaining about issues at work to my other half. Having a cry, then repeating the process every day until the weekend came.

Sometimes, being lucky and fortunate does not mean you’re not allowed to be unhappy or have mental health issues. So here’s my top tips to reflect on if you’re worried about your job.

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Read the the rest of the article [here] and see the top signs your job is taking over on the Girls In Work Website.

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