How is it August already?

So I may be publishing this on the 31st of July, but we’re a day away from August and I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. 2017 definitely was a busy year but somehow 2018 has gone even quicker. I rarely do personal updates these days and sometimes they’re my favourite to read since there is always a person behind a blog after all.

So here’s what I’ve been up to at the start of summer! I hope you enjoy the little update and do let me know below what you’ve been up to, comments mean a lot and I always try and do the same back!

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Freelancing and Working!

So I never officially announced it on my blog but I am now an editor of Northampton Life magazine. I’ve been in the role for the last four months and it’s everything I’ve always wanted. I run a lot of the magazine and it covers most of my working week however it’s a flexible role and since I’m pretty much in charge, I can dictate my week. I also freelance in the other days of the week and run The Beauty Type. So it’s pretty much on the go every day.

I feel like I’m genuinely doing something worthwhile with my working day now and although everyone makes the joke that I’m a part-timer by being freelance, I feel so much happier and in such a better head space. I wouldn’t change it for the world and if you didn’t see my blog post about when I quit my job [LINK], you’ll see it was a risky move but well worth it.


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Home Improvements

So, I can NEARLY say that our bathroom renovation is complete. We had a drama doing the bathroom if I’m honest. Building work is always stressful but the ‘2 week’ project ended up taking over two months and we’ve still got some final bits to finish ourselves. However it’s not the bathroom we moved into and it’s now a swish, open space with an amazing shower, a roll top bath and a toilet that flushes. I know, the best.

I will be posting a full before and after finish of the bathroom in a week or two when it’s a just a bit more presentable. I’m just so glad when guests come over they don’t have to shower at home etc.

Blogging opportunities!

I’m actually loving my blog at the moment, some of my most recent posts are some I’m most proud of. My stats are going up and up and I’m getting so many great opportunities come up. I’m actually writing a blog post about how I earn money from my blog which will be up very soon but for now, I just wanted to say I’m loving my blog and I hope you can see my enthusiasm for it.

I am proud to say I’ve been cake tasting for The Cake Tasting Club which will be up on a blog post very soon. I am also proud to say I am now a CarShop brand ambassador which means I’ll be working with them every month on promotions and showing off the great company and cars they have.

Watch out, I’m buying a SUV!

Talking of cars, I’m looking to buy a new car. I only got my full driving license in November but I’ve been driving a C1 about 1000 miles a day which is taking it’s toll on me and the car. It was the perfect first car but now I just need something bigger and faster. C1’s have no ‘go’ about them. I’ve got my eye on a Nissan Juke so if I can line up all my money’s, I’m going to take the plunge and get my dream car!

I’m also working with the DVLA contact number page to shout out about how you visit this website to find out how to contact them directly. It can be such a pain when you buy a new car to ensure you update all your records and obviously abide by the law. With new cars to tax, sell on and insurances, it’s always worth knowing your direct numbers!

cucumber growing life update lblogger thebeautytype gardening lifestyle blogger northampton shire blogger I’ve gone green fingered!

I never thought I’d be into gardening. One of the most attractive features of the house we bought is the huge garden it comes with. It even has a secret extra part to it. With that, means lots of gardening and maintenance. You won’t find me using the lawn mower but you might find me tending to my cucumber, tomatoes and raspberries.

I just wanted to document this to say I can keep a plant alive and in a few weeks I’ll have a fully fledged cucumber! How exciting!


So that’s my life update, there’s probably loads more to fill you in on but as I keep saying, I would LOVE to be vlogging really soon so once I have some spare ££ then I will be buying a camera!

So let me know what you’ve been up to, I’d love to know. I miss the community feel of blogging sometimes!