Should You Focus On Money Or A Career After Graduating?

Are you a graduate or recently thinking about a new job but unsure whether to just settle or keep working in your current role? My good friend Jamie Goss who I went to University with and helped me through most of my classes, had a similar career journey to me after graduating. We both found ourselves in roles that suited us on money, achievements and people. But something was missing…

Career why you should quit your job Jamie Goss

We both got jobs that had nothing to do with journalism. Normal, you’d probably agree. However, when we caught up every few months we knew although boxes were being ticked, we both weren’t 100% happy. Both Jamie and I work hard, I guess it comes with the degree aspect of knowing you want to do well, but we both knew happiness had to come first. So when I recently found out Jamie had got a new job at Ted Baker I was over the moon for him! Similarly, a few months ago I became an editor of a magazine. So, safe to say we’ve found our place in our careers.

So we have collaborated on a blog post all about how to find your place in a career after university…

Two years ago I graduated from City University London with a degree in Journalism. Wanting to build up some money as quickly as I could, I found a job in my home town Folkestone with Saga, selling holidays to over 50s. At first I loved it, it was challenging, I had fantastic colleagues and not to mention my first week of work – after training – was spent in Malaga experiencing hotels I was selling to clients.

A career and job after city university London Jamie Goss Lisa Scott

There were a lot of ups and downs, from going to Mexico as part of a prize, to Monarch going out of business, with the calls queueing in the hundreds… Believe me when I say I loved every second of it. Slowly the challenge of selling holidays began to become boring. This is when I decided I wanted more from a job than just money.

Having left Saga, I found a job in London very quickly. After a week and two days there I quit, as it was too much like my old job. Life is too short to work somewhere you do not want to be. Money can become a part of it and can be the reason most people stay in a job which they can no longer stand.

For me, money, the people I worked with and location did not contribute to me leaving. I left because the job didn’t have the challenge and my drive for it was nonexistent. These are two key parts of having a job which you can be happy you got out of bed for. Between April and June I was searching for another full time job, something which would grab my interest and I could run with. After around ten interviews, some of which were a complete waste of time, I remembered an old summer job working with NCS – a job which I remembered being fun, exciting and most of all challenging.

It wouldn’t be full time, but give me a chance to remember why work can be more than just money as well as earning some on the side of still pursuing a full time job. On the off chance I looked up to see if my favourite brand – Ted Baker – was hiring, and as luck has it they were. One position really grabbed my attention ‘Ted’s Extraordinary Diploma’. A year looking into every department as a training scheme, with the end goal of staying on in a department after the year was up.

This job would allow me not to only work with my favourite brand, but see over a whole year what would challenge me and keep my attention for the rest of my working career! After three stages of interviews which included a video, presentation and an in depth one to one interview. I was offered a job becoming a Teds Extra. Needless to say I am ecstatic and can not wait to start working at a company in a job that I will no doubt enjoy. Without even realising I have probably obtained my dream job, which took 4 months of searching and hours of hard work put into each interview… My question is this, what’s stopping you from achieving the same? We all strive for hitting the top job as soon as we step out of university but experience and time is always on our side. After all, the saying goes that the best things happen when you’re not looking!