My Holiday Survival Guide!

After had an eventful holiday in Crete a few years back, I’ve been super vigilant to prepare for the ‘worst case’ scenario of our future holidays. I unfortunately found myself severely ill with a kidney infection which we think I picked up on holiday. These things ‘happen’ but we’re so glad we had insurance and cover when out there.

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Since then, we’ve been on more holidays and most recently, our big trip to Sri Lanka and The Maldives made us prepare for a long haul holiday too. Travel is super glam and fun but if you’ve had a bad experience like me, you know you want to be prepared for the worst outcome. So here’s my top tips for a stress free, safe, clean and happy holiday!

Check if you need any jabs or medication.

Of course most European holidays don’t require any form of injections before you fly. However, if you’re going long haul, make sure to check you’re up to date. Your doctors will be happy to print out your medical records for you to check your last jab. Some doctors surgeries are stopping their holiday vaccinations but you can still get them on the NHS. Don’t be fooled like we were and convinced you have to go to Boots etc. It is SERIOUSLY costly to do your jabs privately and you may end up having more jabs than you need.

Update your travel insurance.

The European Health Cards will eventually run out when Brexit takes its course so be sure to have the top level of health cover when you travel. It’s a insurance we all wish we never have to use, but as we learnt, if we didn’t have the EHIC card, I would have had to pay for a drip, ultrascan, X-ray and injections. I have no idea how much that could have cost, but I’m so thankful we were covered some way. If I hadn’t of recovered enough to fly home, I would have been seriously in trouble and that’s where travel insurance needs to come into play. If you want the reassurance of being able to get home in the worst accident or incident, why not update your insurance. Need a travel insurance quote?

Take home comforts.

Ever since getting the kidney infection, I’ve become a germ freak when I leave the country. I now take Andrex Washlets with me whenever I use a public bathroom on holiday as it gives me peace of mind. It was very useful in Sri Lanka where sanitation isn’t their main priority. I also top up on Gaviscon, paracetamol and lemsip incase we get run down in anyway. I know some people even take a travel kettle, whatever it takes to be happy, do it!

Enjoy the build up!

There’s nothing more exciting than a holiday when you’ve been busy working. Enjoy the lead up, get your nails done. Scrub up and feel the best you can. Get your hair done and enjoy the build up of a week away. You work hard for these trips after all!

What are your top tips to getting ready for a holiday?