This is one of the biggest items of the day isn’t it. Most people either go BIG or casual and I knew I wanted to go BIG on this side of things. There’s not much of a story to my dress but it was the only one I tried on! I LOVED my dress, I felt like the belle of the ball and it was so much fun. I never expected to get such a big dress but it really made me feel so pretty. That’s the aim after all hey!

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Choosing my dress

This was super easy. We were in David’s Bridal choosing the bridesmaids dresses but my maid of honour saw a dress in the window that she was like YOU MUST TRY THAT ON. This was meant to be a bit of fun but I tried it on and simply, fell in love with it. My mum cried, my auntie cried, it was all wonderful and that was that. My dress was found! Everyone said that was the quickest ANYONE has ever chosen a dress but it just worked. I’m always very impulsive and I could have tried on more, but why change your mind if you’re happy!

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The Design

The dress is actually a Vera Wang design by White by Vera. This is from David’s Bridal and sadly no longer available! However, the Vera range is BEAUTIFUL and has so many similar designs so I highly recommend checking out the range for something quite unique and detailed.

Alpheton Hall Wedding - The Beauty Type - Wedding Dress Vera Wang

The dress has lots of layers to it with a bow on the back. The layers are pleated like curtains in the middle with the front being fairly simple v neck design. The main statement was on the back with the bow. What I loved about this the most was that most people would see the front of the dress when I walked down the isle and then once I got to the top, they’d see the reveal of the bow!

I wore a petticoat underneath to create a big pouffy effect which was great for photos but I did have to take this off as it was such a hot day.

Why I loved my dress!

Alpheton Hall Barns Wedding Dress The beauty type lifestyle blog

It honestly made me feel like a princess! The big effect never felt too heavy or hard to move and it never mattered what shoes I wore! The mesh on the back was really flattering and it was great that it was fitted to me, I know all dresses are but it made me feel so slim and happy. If you want to see the full detail of my dress in some more pictures this the dress on the David Bridal website here [LINK] unfortunately though its no longer available but you can see the details.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my dress in all it’s glory!