Getting back to my roots – my blonde roots!

The last few years I’ve been dabbling in the world of pink hair dye. Most hairdressers – note ALL – of my previous hairdressers have been shocked that my blonde hair is natural. I’ve been white blonde and now very much a dark blonde these days. However, after my last obsession of pink, my roots are bad!

John Freida sheer blonde go blonder lightening spray The Beauty Type Blog

I’ve tried brown hair dye once before and it did not suit me. I looked so pale and lifeless and I spent weeks getting it out my hair – luckily it was only semi-permanent. It confirmed the fact that I would like to be blonde for the rest of my life! Whether it was real or not, I couldn’t be any other colour!

Being naturally blonde is quite difficult. In the winter my hair goes naturally darker and can be a battle over it looking oily. With the recent pink dye in the roots, it’s meant I’ve got a horrible bout of colour build up and I have distinct dark blonde/brown roots with a baby blonde/white hair. As someone who has never ‘had my roots’ done – I’m quite unsure what to do about it besides dying it.

Getting the blonde back!

I have decided to reach for what I know! John Freida’s Go Blonder Range has always treated me well in the past. It turns your hair blonde again without physical dye. I’ve reviewed the lightening spray before which is great for brightening up your roots, highlights or all over.

John Freida sheer blonde go blonder lightening spray thebeautytype beauty The Beauty Type Blog

The only downside to this spray is that it can make your hair feel a bit dry, brittle or make you suffer with a bit of hair loss. I don’t mean clumps but it can be quite damaging on your hair. With items like ATP treatments these days, hair loss is hardly the end of the world and I always make sure to use a mask with this.

This is also why I picked up the softening spray as this should give it a bit of conditioning with the spray. I will report back in a few weeks how I get on and how much my roots disappear. I’ve always dreaded the day my blonde fades, my mum was blonde and now is brunette so I know one day it will happen! So for now, let’s keep at the sprays, shampoos and anything to keep me blonde and shiny! I’ve used purple shampoo before but that just takes the yellow out, it doesn’t keep it blonde.

Have you ever been blonde and suffered with the dreaded root line!

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