How My Blog Brings In 20% of My Income

Blogging has quickly become a new avenue to create an income. However, let’s get this straight from the outset, I’ve been blogging for over seven years and in the last six months I’ve been heavily investing in my blog. As a Northamptonshire blogger, I work hard to get my brand noticed locally as well as further afield. I’ve learnt a lot along the way and the most important rule… if you start blogging to earn money, you are completely doing it for the wrong reasons.

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Rant over, let’s begin. Seven years ago I started writing my blog (which was then called Its All About Creativity). If you remember those days, you’re a veteran. The brand wasn’t ‘there’ it was just a mish mash of reviews, hauls and awkward posts about my life and spending habits. I got sent products from Pantene, Batiste, Loccitane, Glossybox, you name it. I would get 20 comments on every post and there was a genuinely lovely community. Twitter wasn’t as big as it is now so a blog was how you got to know people.

However as these things do, if you don’t keep up or have the look you don’t beat the race. As a school girl at the time, I couldn’t invest in my blog like the way Zoella, Lily Pebbles, Anna, Tanya Burr etc have.

Moving forward to present day, I now earn 20%-30% of my monthly income through blogging. I work as an Editor and Freelancer day to day so I’m pretty chuffed it brings in that added bonus! I’m very proud of The Beauty Type brand and website and wanted to talk about how I’ve worked to create a brand and income from it. 

How did I start earning money from my blog? 

Firstly, I was approached by PR companies or digital agencies to work with pay per click or link building campaigns. Generally this is including a link in an article which boosts their seo and brand and benefits me too. There can often be sponsored posts or gifted content posts. There might also be guest blogging which means its content generally not written by me, but generally within the beauty and lifestyle topics.

Sometimes I’ll be sent things to review with a payment included or the gift is worth a hefty amount. 

How do you get people to approach you? 

I wholly believe you should build your blog, brand and know what you want out of blogging before you consider money. I have always been blogging as a hobby and portfolio to aid my journalism. It was always about writing and a community to me and now it’s an added bonus to earn money. To get brands to approach you requires time, effort and a good blog! Work on your SEO, your content and build up that all important DA! Brands do not just approach you because you have a blog, it has to be well invested. Likewise, your favourite brand or most talked about brands won’t approach you if you haven’t bothered to interact with them on social media too!

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How much should I charge/be paid? 

No one ever talks about this but for my blog I can charge between £50-£150 per post depending on the requirements. I find this works for my DA and following at the moment but if this was to rise then I would adjust as necessary. I know that’s a vague figure when you want to know how to earn money from blogging but it truly depends on the campaign and requirements given by the brand.

How can I find opportunities? 

For the most part I receive emails by agencies but you can join Facebook groups, forums or websites to find opportunities. My only advice is don’t be sell yourself short.’ Its so easy to see ££ and think it’s the dream but if you’re writing about vaping, cars or men’s clothing when your blog is about cats, then maybe re-think. There’s a lot of blogs that only share guest blogs these days which is great but own content is key and crucial to maintain readers. If I do include guest blogs then I try to seamlessly blend it into my content so people won’t switch off.

Keep authentic and don’t sell yourself short!

I’m so bored of blogs writing about weird content these days. I turn down a lot of posts that aren’t relevant to my audiences because although I love money, my blog needs to be authentic for all the other content I generate. Relevance is important. 

You want to be a blogger not a link builder! There’s something to be said for engagement and a good audience. Brands don’t generally want to invest in someone who has no following. An engaged audience is important otherwise how will they sell their product or link?

Keep your brand and blogging ethics at the front, enjoy blogging and the rest will follow! It is hard work but the rewards make it well worth it! This isn’t me boasting but this is my story of how I’ve worked to create a little income from my beauty blog. My journalism degree has aided the progression of the website. So I like to think I know a thing or two about agencies and writing!

If you have any questions drop them below, I hope you found this useful and if you want to chat about anything you can always DM me on twitter here [LINK] or instagram [LINK].