Renovation Update #3: Our Bathroom

If you have been following our renovation journey on these posts [LINK] and [LINK] you’ll know that Dan and I have been eager to do up our bathroom. It was the first room we wanted to update and a bathroom renovation is no easy task. We finally found our dream products to put in the bathroom from Easy Bathrooms. We knew what we wanted but when you have to both decide on colours, styles and sizes it’s a tricky task. So here’s the before and after with process photos…

So this is the BEFORE image. On the most part you can’t see the problems. So I’ll list them for you. The floor is original so it was all cut up and ruined. The previous owners just kept painting it with white emulsion (I know, don’t get me started) so it just kept peeling off. There was no shower which was no fun task when Dan has a bad back and is 6ft crouching in a bath every morning. It had horrific plastering across the whole room especially in the little cupboard which you can see on the left below. There was just so many bad things that on appearance you couldn’t see but it was not the ‘state of the art’ bathroom the estate agents described it as…

The first job was to take the chimney breast out that originally had a twin sink and mirrors attached too. This was a cheap nasty Ikea job that was falling apart and felt really cheap. The chimney breast was removed top and bottom so it was just a pointless pile of bricks and by removing it we could create a bigger space and flush wall.

As you can see above and below, taking this out allowed for a huge extra space and meant we could install a large walk in shower. This was the one thing we wanted to go big on. If you have the chance to buy a big shower, it’s worth doing. It looks glam and makes for an easy life. The bathroom used to be a bedroom so it’s a bit bigger than most bathrooms so we wanted to utilise the space as much as could whilst still keeping it large.

So we tiled this wall with the shower, toilet and sink. We didn’t see the need for a new twin sink again, it was just more hassle to clean! We’ve had a mirror cabinet installed with lights which shows every pore on your face. Cry.

The tiles we went for are from Topps Tiles and they are called Royal Wave. In some lights you can see a wave pattern within them and although they’re quite dark and grey, they reflect a lot of light and provide a great texture to the wall. Choosing tiles is super hard but Topps Tiles. They don’t seem to sell this on the website anymore but do check out their shops. This is the similar tile [LINK].


Easy Bathrooms bathroom renovation after
The opposite side of the room is where the bath is. This is the ONLY thing we’ve kept in the room that was there previously. It is a roll top bath and it’s quite the statement. It was in great condition and although everyday I love a shower, there’s nothing nicer on a Sunday evening to have a bath.

This wall has a new radiator/towel rail which again is from Easy Bathrooms. This was a great purchase as the colour matches the wall and shower colouring but has great quirky hanging rails for towels. Our previous towel rail was a weird homemade wooden rack that was just horrendous so this is a really swish addition. I can’t wait for it to be on in the winter!

We have also painted the rest of the room in Nutmeg White from Dulux. This was a great colour as it looks warm in our bathroom light but also quite pink and cool toned during the day. It’s been the perfect complimenting colour and also works nicely with the Victorian aspect.

Easy Bathrooms bathroom renovation after

So here’s the finished product! We are so impressed with our Easy Bathroom products. As mentioned, all of the furniture except the bath is from there.

Our flooring is actually oak floor that Dan’s brother sourced from a wood store in London, who imports it from Germany (I believe)! We got this in strips and we spent a whole afternoon staining them to this dark wood colour. I absolutely love that it’s wooden, it’s provided the Victorian aspect to the room by keeping it quite old school but compliments the modern furniture too.

So, we still have cupboard doors for that little alcove that you can see int eh photos that we’re painting and that is now a bespoke airing cupboard and laundry section. This is one of my favourite parts as it’s been made to my exact requirements and hides all the towels, spare loo roll and laundry nicely away!

I think that just about covers everything we’ve done in the room. I’d like to get a blind in next but all in good time so once that is done and the doors are finished, we will have completed our bathroom renovation.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned, do let me know! I hope you liked it!