Summer to Autumn Fashion Transition

Summer, what a warm and wild time for fashion! We could dress down as much as possible and still be perfectly acceptable when we went out and about; this year we had one of the hottest climates on record, and because of that, we all learned how to work a crop top and some shorts!

But we’re well into August right now (yes, the year has whizzed us by!), and that means now’s the time to think about what clothes you need to reintroduce back into your wardrobe. It’s going to be a bit wetter, and a lot colder, once the season changes, and that means you need to prepare yourself! And with that in mind, here’s a couple of fantastic ways you can transition your outfits from summer to autumn, with minimal fuss over whether a cardigan is thick enough or not.

Focus on Earth Tones

Not only does looking at them make us feel warmer, and think about pumpkin spice and everything nice, but it works a lot better against the colours that’ll be surrounding you this coming season. Fallen leaves and red skies at night, autumn is a pretty season and so should your wardrobe be!

So now’s the time for you to start dressing up in pebble shades, as well as reds, oranges, and yellows. To be honest, they make for a good wardrobe all year round, and if they have floral prints, you can repurpose clothes like these for both summer and autumn. These colours also come in abundance for jumpers and cardigans, and pairs of dark blue and grey jeans are always available in the shops. Go out and buy a couple of cheap pairs now, you’ll thank yourself later.

Start Fading Out Sheer Materials (and start layering!)

As the weather gets colder and colder, you’re going to want to wrap up warmer and warmer, and unless you want to be bundled up in coats and scarves all day, you’re going to want to change materials. Something that’s a lot more warmer like wool won’t be needed until late October at the earliest, so you’ve got some time before you need to invest in a huge overcoat.

So now’s the time for you to start layering, and doing it properly (unlike the Disney channel!) Those sheer materials that remind of us chiffon aren’t going to cut it anymore, but you don’t have to bed rid of them entirely! You can still invest in women’s blouses by the pound, seeing as you can easily fit vests underneath them, and then put a cardigan on top. And if it gets too warm by midday, you can always unbutton or take off a layer; easy and simple!

Transitioning a wardrobe from summer to autumn won’t be hard when you simply take notice of the practicality. Now’s the time for you to properly dress up your wardrobe and start looking warmer again!

This is contributed content and not written by The Beauty Type