Enjoying the perfect summer’s day with Nivea

September may have flown around but there’s always hope for an Indian summer and when the sun is shining I’ll be soaking it all up. When it comes to the perfect summers day – I’m all about spending time in our garden and making the most of our home. The last few months have been glorious so here’s my top things to do on a perfect summers day.

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Protecting our skin in the garden!

Ever since we moved to our home in East Northamptonshire I’ve loved gardening. We have a pretty big garden and know how fortunate we have become to get such a fun place to make our own. When I’m in the garden I know how important it is to slap on the sun lotion. I’ve spent days out gardening for hours that when I get back in I’ve got great tan lines from where my wellies or gardening gloves are. It’s a great look!  The Nivea Sun Lotion is a trusted name, every year we stock up on Nivea as it smells great, sinks in and works.

Smell like your favourite holiday EVERYDAY!

In the last few weekends of August we’ve had bbq’s a plenty and evenings outside drinking wine. It’s been a real treat to get cosy outside and enjoy the weather. However, it’s easy to come back in smelling like the outdoors or bbq smoke! If you haven’t heard, Nivea have created a new shower gel with the iconic scent of their sun lotion. I was really worried this wouldn’t be the same but this is EXACTLY the same. This will make you remember every holiday in one sniff. This is such a nice shower gel and one I’ll be using throughout the summer and even winter to remind me of warmer climates!
nivea summers day sunshine love shower gel review niveafamily thebeautytype the beauty type beauty blog

Relaxing after a long day…

Is there anything nicer than a long hot shower after a day outside? That feeling when you’re on holiday and you’ve been sun kissed all day and you have a shower before your evening meal! I will be taking the Nivea Purity Detox Mask on my holiday as a quick pick me up to cleanse my face after using sun lotions and products throughout the day. This mask is super quick to use and cleanses the skin really easily.

Picking the perfect book!

I love reading throughout the year. Half the time I have to remember to switch off my phone and take five minutes for myself but generally I love flicking through a good read. I will read anything within reason but I’ve been enjoying Louise Pentland’s – Wilde about Me recently. I also love Ruby Wax’s books which are great as a self-help book. I’ve also tried to get into Giovanna Fletcher’s books as well. If you have any summer favourites – let me know. I need a new one for my holiday next month!

What would be your perfect summer’s day? I just love spending time doing very little but enjoying my surroundings! Let’s pray for more sunshine before September ends hey!