Franco Manca Pizza – Cambridge

During a week off, we ventured over to Cambridge to have a bit of a date day out. We went over to the museum of zoology (which FYI if you’re into anatomy and animals, a massive must do!) and then we went around the city. A new branch of Franco Manca opened in Cambridge this summer and after a fantastic meal in one of their London branches a year ago, I knew I had to return with Dan!

Franco Manca Pizza Cambridge thebeautytype beauty blog and lifestyle blog review

Where it all began…

Franco Manca started off in Brixton Market, London in 2008 and now celebrating it’s tenth birthday by opening up more branches across the country. The Cambridge restaurant is open where many would recognise on the market square. It has replaced the cafe that once had a statue of what looked like captain birdseye on the top floor!

This restaurant has two floors and lots of quirky character to it’s architecture. Although we had a bit of a wait in the restaurant, with one pizza oven the team looked after us and we quite enjoyed just chilling out in a fun, relaxed place.

Franco Manca Pizza Cambridge thebeautytype beauty blog and lifestyle blog review Lisa Scott

The Menu…

So at Franco Manca, it’s no fuss fresh ingredients. Their menu houses a generous amount of pizzas that are made with fresh sourdough bases. These are heavy bases so you’ll be set to go on one of these. The basic margarita starts from £5 which is so reasonable considering chain pizza places sell it for much more. I’ve always thought dominoes was a complete rip off for the principle of the meal.

At Franco Manca when I visited last, I had one of their specials which change daily to the fresh seasonal ingredients. This week it was a lot of cheese and fresh veggies. We were originally going to opt for sharing the pizzas, a half and half each. However Dan got too into his, as did I! I never tend to go for a full veggie meal but the fresh ingredients and artichokes were too tempting! The buffalo mozzarella was incredible however and I would happily eat this everyday. I highly recommend going for the specials as these are interesting combinations and great if you’re into trying new things.

Franco Manca Pizza Cambridge thebeautytype beauty blog and lifestyle blog review

Even the drinks are reasonable in Franco Manca. Their beer is called ‘no label’ which is perfect for ease and being universal. Dan said how much he enjoyed the IPA and I tried the wine as well as the Green Cola. Both of which were great and price wise, great value.

Franco Manca is such a treat and is so much better than generic chains. Their pizza ovens make each pizza home-made and unique. I reckon this restaurant group will take lead from Byron burger, starting from London and eventually getting wide across the UK. They thoroughly deserve it. Everything they source has a story and you can tell it’s done with heart. Not just another generic story!

If you’d like to visit your nearest Franco Manca, check out their menu here!