Unique Hen-Do Ideas!*

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I think the biggest and most important responsibility of a maid of honour is the hen night. It’s the last night of your darling friend as a Miss and so don’t you want to just make her feel like a princess before she becomes the queen of someone’s heart? If the answer is yes, and you’re searching for unique hen party ideas on the internet, then I’ve got some for you too. Hosting the usual stripper and hangover hen do is definitely not a bad idea, but it can be a little heavy on the pocket. So why not explore some other, affordable hen do ideas ? Something special, different, out of the ordinary and not too expensive is what you should aim for, after all it’s a hen do for your special friend.

Before moving on to the many ideas for hen nights, what you should keep in mind, most importantly, as the maid of honour is the choice and taste in things of your bride friend. A hen do is all about celebrating the last single days of your friend and giving her a night to remember for all of her married life. So it’s important that whatever you plan to do for her hen celebration should be in accordance to what she would like.

Now that you know what she likes and what she doesn’t let’s get down to some unique hen do ideas:

Gossip Girls
No I’m not talking about Netflix-ing Gossip Girl for your hen do! I’m talking about getting the girls together, with plenty of bottles of wine or beer (whatever the lady of the hour likes) and spilling all the rumours and secrets that the bride has been involved in. Starting from high school secrets, crushes, ex boyfriends or the most embarrassing moments of her, do a recap of her entire single life and enjoy the laughs and gasps!

2. Slumber Hen Do
A slumber party was every girl’s best day during her younger years. You can easily relive the excitement of a slumber party, by inviting the girls over for a night of chick flicks, drinks, chocolates and games. Surprise your friend with a room full of pillows, satin pyjamas, balloons and all of her favourite things. Get a projector to watch a movie on and order food that will make it a cheat day for all the girls.

3. Spa Day
Instead of splurging on alcohol and night clubs, take the hen gang out for a healthy spa day. It will be of dual benefit to everyone. You can catch up together as a group and also pamper your bodies and feel rejuvenated. There’s nothing like a refreshing day at the spa with your girls, leaving your skin and body feeling revived.

4. Cooking Hen Do
Food is loved by all and what’s even better is cooking together to feed each other. Plan a cooking night, with some wine and everyone’s favourite tunes. Choose a special cuisine and let everyone choose their course of meal. Make it fun with glasses of wine or sangrias while singing along to everyone’s taste in music. At the end of it, you have mouth watering delicacies for every tired chef to hog on. You can bring out a surprise hen night cake for the bride to cut and have as dessert.

5. Hire a hen do planner
If nothing else is working out for you, just go the professional way. You may think that hiring a party planner for a hen night may cost you a fortune and leave little to no funds for your bridesmaid dress, but you might just be wrong. You can hire professional hen night planners who can plan a hen do for you and your girls within the budget that you have in mind for the hen night. This will also leave you with little stress about the execution of the hen night.

With the many hen night ideas out there for you to choose from, it can be a tough task to land on one and go ahead with it. But, whatever you choose, at the end of the day what really matters is that you all have a fun and memorable night. Hen night is all about the bride to be, so make it all about her and join in the celebration of welcoming a new phase in her life.

This is not written by thebeautytype.com and is contributed content.