Princess Andriana Hotel – Resort and Spa – Rhodes

You may have noticed I was a bit quiet over the last few weeks as I took some time off from work, blogging and life. Social media is very consuming at times and as we had a holiday planned with our two friends I wanted to fully shut down. We had booked a trip to Rhodes a few months ago which is the first holiday we’ve done with friends. We stayed at the Princess Andriana Resort and Spa hotel which is in Kiotari. This is an hour away from the airport/old town and 20 minutes from Lindos.

Princess Andriana Resort and Spa Rhodes review travel blog hotel review

The Hotel

The Princess Andriana is a five star resort in a very quiet area of Rhodes (Rodos). It is situated on a main road but has a handful of bars, shops and restaurants nearby to keep it lively enough. It is also next-door to other hotels so not too desolate. We found the hotel through First Choice. We were on an all inclusive package which was full meal options, snacks and drinks. We had a great room which was really modern, clean and stylish. We couldn’t fault the facilities either as there was enough space for everyone and I can imagine it being BUSY in the height of summer.

Princess Andriana Resort and Spa Rhodes review travel blog hotel review

As we were with friends, we spent a lot of the time chilling by the pool. Due to its location there is little to explore around the hotel so if you want to see neighbouring towns and historic locations, the bus is your friend. These are every few minutes though so you’ll never be without.

We were really lucky with the weather, being the end of season meant it was pretty cool in the evenings. I even wore jeans one evening for dinner which I never normally need to do on holiday. The days were a warm 25-28 throughout the week which was definitely hot enough for bikinis.

Princess Andriana Resort and Spa Rhodes review travel blog hotel review

Being the end of season, the hotel was relatively quiet and calm. There’s one hell of an animation team. Personally, I can’t stand animation teams. Their constant need to get you doing something is not for me however if you’re into aqua gym, being active, yoga and entertainment then you’ll definitely have enough to do.


We made sure that we spent at least one of the days in the town of Lindos. Many people had reccomended we visit and for only 6 euros it was a easy bus journey. Unfortunately as Dan has been ill we couldn’t do a full walk around but we did see the sights and enjoyed some lunch out of the hotel. All inclusive is great but I am a big fan of trying local restaurant food. Normally we’d do half-board for this reason.

Princess Andriana Resort and Spa Rhodes review travel blog
Lindos has a lot of history, there’s twisty turning pavements littered with shops. You can get a donkey ride to the castle on the hill. The town itself has no cars in the centre as its all built up on the cliff face and there’s lots of coves and sea near by. You wouldn’t be bored if your hotel itself was located in this town. We weren’t able to visit the castle but our friends did and they said it was worth the visit and great if you want to tick a bit of history off for your holiday.


Princess Andriana Resort and Spa Rhodes review travel blog

We had lunch on a roof top restaurant which was a great way to view the rock face with castle and the surrounding rooftops. The town is the typical Aegan look and white buildings and it was great to see such a different way to living. England is very much every man to himself whereas Greece is very close.

Food! – The best part of a holiday!

Of course, my favourite part of a holiday is all the food and drink! When we were in Lindos we stopped for a ‘snack’ of humous and pitta. A greek classic that had to be done and did not disappoint. For lunch, we probably could have chosen better but I had one of my favourite dishes, grilled langoustines. Prawns in the UK just do not compare to any holiday European fish. Despite how messy they are, they are incredible.

The food in the hotel was AWESOME. There was a constant change of menu, new dishes to try everyday and we ate a lot. I am sure I’ve put on a few stone in the last week or two. I would eat at least three courses per meal… Even when you eat salad, you eat three plates of it. I highly recommend the Princess Andriana for it’s food. As part of your stay we got to try the Moonlight Restaurant which is the a la carte restaurant which was fantastic and was seriously nice. Then we got two a la carte restaurants which were the Italian and burger (both next to each other). These were ok but I have to be in the mood for a burger so it wasn’t for me.

Princess Andriana Resort and Spa Rhodes review travel blog hotel review

As I said, I kept the holiday brief in my social media content creating. I wanted to have a bit of a break from the pressure of posting and photos. I’m glad I captured these images though, it’s great to look back on what we did get up to.

If I was to rate the hotel I would give it a 3.5 out of 5. It may seem critical considering how great it was, but for an all inclusive it was massively let down by the poor quality on drinks. The soft drinks were flat and warm and limited selection considering. The cocktails were super sugary, warm and just juice with basic local alcohol so they weren’t pleasant at all. The facilities and food were fantastic though but considering you go for all inclusive for drinks and food, it was a big let down. It put me off having any alcohol which is a massive shame. Besides that, it was a lovely holiday and it isn’t a big issue to put you off attending!

I’m now very ready to get cosy for winter and dig out the winter tights!