Soap and Glory Facial Skincare: The Low Down

Soap and Glory are known for their incredible body ranges but their facial skincare is just as awesome. I am part of their #BabesofGlory squad where I get to try out some of their products and learn more about the brand. Recently I’ve been thoroughly testing their range of face washes, cleansers and milks. There’s also an eye mask in here too for a bit of extra pampering!

Peaches and Clean 4 in 1 Wash Off Deep Cleansing Milk

Phew, that’s a title and a half! This cleansing milk is a simple wash away cleanser that works to remove dirt, daily grime and makeup to reveal a clean and bright complexion. This truly does smell of peaches and is ideal for dry skin types who need added moisture in their skincare routine.

The trickiest thing with this milk doesn’t work on your eyes so you’ll need an oil based remover for your eyes. However, this cleanser is perfect if you just want to wash the day away or a second cleanse that leaves the skin soft to touch. I use a soft flannel for this, I found it was the most relaxing and easiest way to remove it.

This is only £8.00 and available from Boots here [LINK] .

The Ultimelt Hot Cloth Cleanser

If you’ve read The Beauty Type for a while now, you know I’m a loyal hot cloth cleanser fan. It’s always fun to try different brands cleansers. There’s something really comforting about a hot cloth cleanser, knowing it’s truly cleansed the skin whilst mildly exfoliating the skin.

This ulti-melt cleanser is super cleansing, melts away all your makeup including eye makeup and clears your skin with continual usage. Like most hot cloth cleansers this is about using some of the cleanser to work into your face thoroughly and wash away using the hot wet cloth provided.

I really like this cleanser and I love the packaging it comes in too! This retails for £10 and includes a cloth here  [LINK].

3 in 1 Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash

This face wash is more if you’re into lather and rinse style washes. This Soap and Glory wash tends to be good for that second cleanse, no makeup days or if you’re a fan of using a face wash in the shower. That’s how I prefer to use this wash. Vitamin C is a big deal at the moment and it’s great for seriously cleansing the skin.

This has scrub particles on, don’t worry no plastic in sight. As I say, this is great for the shower and effectively wakes you up and cleanses the skin ready for the day ahead! This does remove makeup, but as normal, don’t use on the eyes!

To pick this up, this is £8 from Boots [LINK].

Puffy Eye Attack – Under Eye Brightening Hydrogel Patches

Eye masks are everywhere now. This one is only £3.50 and perfect for those days where you need a perk! I suffer with puffy eyes and dark eyes when I’m a bit run down or very tired (read:hungover). These kind of masks are perfect if you need to wake up first thing or relax in an evening. These patches are specially for under your eye so you can still go about your day without needing to close your eyes. They are infused with a tripeptide that reduces puffiness, cucumber (which we all know is good for dark eyes) and liquorice. These need around 20-30 mins to work so you can really relax with these on. As I say, these are only £3.50, perfect pick me up and treat that won’t break the bank.  [LINK]

What’s your preferred cleanser? Have you tried Soap and Glory before? I love being a Babe of Glory to try all these incredible products, thank you to Soap and Glory for sending these to me!

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