Nivea Q10 Skin Sleep Cream & Regenerating Night Cream

Two night creams, two amazing results! Nivea skincare always has something for everyone and with Autumn being in full force, it’s time to upgrade your night skincare routine. Today we have the Nivea Q10 Plus C Anti Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream and the Nivea Pure and Natural Regenerating Night Cream both of which are incredible night creams. Like many, I was using the same day cream for bedtime and after adding these I’ve seen the huge difference a specific night cream can make!


Nivea Q10 Plus C Anti Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream – £12.99 LINK

This sleep cream is my favourite of the two because one use of this and you’ll see an immediate difference. This cream combines Q10 and Vitamin C to create a well rested appearance as soon as you wake up. I’ve accepted that I’m only a year or two away from my ‘mid twenties’ and this means skincare is more important than ever. Creams like this work to keep your skin supple, tight and smooth. This truly does provide an instant pep and after a few late nights (and one too many white wine’s) you look wide awake. Note: Look, not feel. That’s optional!!


Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream – £3.74 – LINK

This cream although maybe my second favourite, it’s not a downgrade by any means. This cream is when winter hits and I need moisture. This has 95% natural origin ingredients which is great if you’re looking to boost your natural skincare range. The boosters in this cream are bio organ oil and bio aloe vera. That’s where the intense moisturising comes from and you definitely feel it. I use this on dry skin days and probably alternate this with the above cream. I love it, it’s so kind to your skin and perfect for even sensitive skins.


So which one is going to be on your list, are you looking for a great night moisture surge or a vitamin c boost!?