Quay Seafood & Steak Restaurant – Bedford

Seafood is one meal that needs to be done right. Quay Seafood and Steak Restaurant in Bedford, located on Castle Lane, is only three months old but is set to become a popular date night spot. As soon as you walk in to Quay you’re quickly out of the bustle of Bedford town and into a relaxing, beautiful restaurant with high windows each side and beautiful decor throughout.


The Menu

The menu is vast. There’s a huge starters section which includes canapés, oysters, langoustines and platters. The mains is even bigger with steak and grill options, burgers and then the seafood section. You can find a great set menu here too if you fancy a nice lunch on a week-day too. What we loved was that there really is something for everyone here and when it’s hard to choose, a platter is always a good option!

What we ordered!

So we went for the Seafood Platter which really did not disappoint. This arrived on a ‘Afternoon Tea style’ board which was really impressive.  This included pink crevettes, grab and shrimp tian, baby calamari, blanche bait, dips and lobster crackers. This choice was fantastic for the both of us to have our favourite fish dishes. The prawns were some of the meatiest I’ve ever had (and we’ve been to the Maldives). Calamari is a dish I would choose every time so it was incredible to have a whole tier dedicated to it. The lobster crackers were also so different and delicious. You could easily have this platter and be full…


The Main Event

There was no rush with our mains which made for a relaxed dining experience.  I went for the Brochette of Seafood which was quite extraordinary. This included sea trout, cod, the BIGGEST prawn I’ve ever seen and octopus. The octopus was a real treat, it’s rare to get good octopus but this was perfect. Once again, the quality of the seafood was really impressive and you can tell they’ve sourced the best for this restaurant.

Dan had the Blackened Tuna which included cajun fries, and a grapefruit salsa. This was cooked medium rare with a sashimi grade yellow fin which again shows the quality here.






The Restaurant and Service

The service at Quay restaurant was lovely. The host was attentive and you could see he was working hard to provide a seamless service for every customer. We spoke to him at the end of our meal to find out the Quay Restaurant has only been running for three months. They’ve learnt a lot along the way including how important it is to find the right fish. They have sourced locally where they can and also for items such as high quality lobster and prawns, they work to ensure it is fresh every time.

I learnt that if you get tuna in a restaurant and it can’t be cooked ‘rare/blue’ by the restaurant that means it probably means it’s not fresh and was frozen for transport. Who knew!

I really can see this restaurant being a busy spot for dinner, a beautiful date night spot and perfect for a Christmas do. I can’t wait to visit again one day to see it after a full season.


If you would like to visit The Quay Seafood and Steak Restaurant, visit them here 19 Castle Ln, Bedford and you can check out the menu here [LINK]. As a Northamptonshire blogger, it was great to cross the border into Bedfordshire! I’ll definitely be returning.

No obligation to review this restaurant, no gift or ad, just blooming loved it!