The Multi-Hyphen Method – Emma Gannon

You’re a strong independent women. Capable of anything and here to make some noise. [And such other phrases]… It’s what we’ve become accustomed to hearing recently, strong motivational beliefs are becoming the forefront of working women stories. However, have you ever considered your working method no matter your gender? The Multi-Hyphen Method, Emma Gannon’s latest book has got me thinking about the actual methods we implement.

So what is the multi-hyphen method?

If we cut to the chase, Emma’s term for working means taking your strings to your bow and taking charge. If you’re a PA during the day but a blogger by night, a paramedic at night but by day you are creating your entrepreneurial Etsy store to new heights. That’s your multi-hyphen. Even being a parent, carer, wife, it’s all part of your title.

Since the internet has created a whole new realm of working streams, be it from mobile, laptop, AI, smart devices and so much more. It’s apparent especially in 2018 that your working method isn’t about what you can do just by tweeting but all your avenues around that. In the modern world, getting ahead means taking all of your skills and wants and providing a work less, create more method.

The book and approach!

Emma’s approach to working is very similar to my own. She took it upon herself to take what she knew and implemented it into a characterful creative career. It almost seems old school to have a journalism degree these days since there are fourteen year olds with a better social media following than myself. Emma’s allowed me to remind myself of my skills being my asset and my many hyphen titles to define my extensive experience and knowledge. Since there are many strings to my bow, I can incorporate everything I know across the board.

There’s a lot talking about how flexible working is something more employers should be embracing too. In a digital world, online work can be done ANYWHERE. We know that, our employers do and yet why is there a barrier about allowing employees to fulfil work hours but still be stuck to a 9-5. It is also touching on how you can approach your boss on a half day on a Friday for your side-hustle. You never know, it might work!

Something that deeply resonated with me in the book is the idea that when we introduce ourselves in networking, professional or first introductions we say our one title. I.e “Hi I’m Lisa Scott, I’m an editor of Northampton Life Magazine.” When really we should be saying “Hi, I’m Lisa Scott, I’m a freelance magazine editor, a digital marketeer and lifestyle blogger.” Of course, situations depend on your introduction but YOU as a person should not be just one title. Especially as a freelancer, we hone in on the one thing that is making us successful at that one time.

Why you should read it…

When I went freelance, I made a huge song and dance about being a freelancer. A few months ago I really emphasised my blogging title and these days I’m pushing my editor title. We all shy away from sharing everything, that or we never mention anything else at the fear of looking too boastful or talking too much about ourselves. I’ve learnt that you should push yourself, it will create new avenues and open you up to new opportunities.

Since reading Emma’s book I have taken it upon myself to re-evaluate my ‘free-time/holiday’ vs my working time. If I’m working on The Beauty Type or the magazine I need to remember that it is work, no matter how much I enjoy doing it. If I’m on a break, a weekend or holiday I need to stop. It’s so hard being freelance and either handing reins over or stop working but it will all be there to be resumed when you return.

The Multi-Hyphen method even talks about burn out and working hours to understand how to look after yourself. It’s pretty important to keep yourself fit, healthy and happy when you are your key selling point. Your skills are transferable but your ideas, creativity, working practice and personality are your product when you’re looking to be a freelancer.

When I started blogging I hid it from the world around me. These days, my biggest supporters are the ones I hid it from and since releasing it further I’ve been so lucky to get new experiences. If you work a 9-5, remember what you focus on after 5pm and that your multi-hyphen life! Your side hustle, is what you enjoy so embrace it!


To purchase The Multi-Hyphen Method, you can pick up your copy from Amazon here for £13.00 [LINK].