A New Chapter at The Beauty Type

I’ve been blogging for seven years and have only rebranded once. The Beauty Type brand has become part of my life, my freelancing business is called The Media Type which shows how much this has all influenced my journey. With 2018 completely changing my life career wise and a New Year around the corner, it’s time to take a new leap of faith and start typing the new chapter in career wellbeing.

Changing my niche on my blog, talking about career and wellbeing including mental health. The Beauty Type / thebeautytype.com

Creating a new niche

The Beauty Type was created for my love of beauty with the ‘type’ part being my journalistic life. Since then, I’ve transformed into a beauty and lifestyle blog which includes my love of makeup and skincare with food, travel and interior posts. I’ve got married, moved home, changed career and settled into life in Northamptonshire. But now a change is coming.

There are SO many lifestyle blogs out there that it gets hard to stand out from the crowd. I LOVE writing about lifestyle content but with blogging you’ve got to have your niche if you want to be noticed. I used to want to be a Northamptonshire lifestyle and beauty blog but I feel like that since I’m running Northampton Life magazine, there’s no point me doing two of the same thing. It’s been getting to a point where I’m trying to do the two things on the same platform which doesn’t really work for my niche. So, I’ve been thinking about what I know and with Vix Meldrew’s Exciting Emails podcast help, I’ve cracked it.

The new niche for the new year

Earlier this year I quit my job because I was crying on my way into work. ┬áMy mental health has literally transformed over the last year to a point where I could see how ill I had become. Since then, I’ve tried to tell every working human that your mental health is SO important when it comes to your career. Your well-being doesn’t involve just being healthy physically but also how you look after your day to day thoughts.

So, from January 2019, The Beauty Type is changing into a career wellbeing, beauty and lifestyle blog. I feel like career wellbeing is such an important subject that includes so many aspects such as job advice, staying healthy, freelancing and managing the 9-5 alongside a blog.

Changing my niche on my blog, talking about career and wellbeing including mental health. The Beauty Type / thebeautytype.com

So what makes you qualified to talk about this?

I’m not going to claim that one bad job makes me an expert, but I’ve been working since I was 15 in many varied roles. I know how hard it is to understand what to do with your life and job and I’ve also lived in about five different towns in the last 5/6 years. I also know what change can be like and how hard it is to mentally understand it especially throughout your career wellbeing.

This new niche won’t just be me preaching about why you should be a freelancer because that’s not for everyone. I will be speaking to industry experts, charities and people. Blogs are about people so I want as many people involved in this process to speak about experiences and help my readers feel more connected to my blog. I’ve got so many ideas already and hopefully a potential collaboration with a charity to help support people through my blog and platforms. We’re getting called influencers more often these days so my influence might as well be a positive one.

What about the beauty?

Fear not, if you’re here for the makeup, interiors or food posts, I’m still going to be blogging as usual. I just wanted to hone in one niche to specialise in whilst still talking about what I love.

It’s so important to be your own personality and blogger these days. I’ve been really down in the dumps recently of fear of imposter syndrome and worrying that my content was the same as everyone else’s. Once you’ve read content on one blog, it’s hard for you to want to read it all again on another. But my blog is one of my biggest successes so it’s time to step it up a notch.

As I live on the border of Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire (and Leicestershire and Bedfordshire to be fair) I want to explore my location rather than feel too tied to Northampton through my blog. I already have the magazine so I can still be part of Northamptonshire. It’s a really exciting chapter for me and I’m hoping the content will be really engaging and useful for you all.

The career wellbeing content will begin in January but I wanted to shout about it now, because I’m just an excitable creature!