Aldi’s Benefit, Nars and Clarins Beauty Dupes

We all know Aldi has created some candle based dupes that are so blatantly similar to some high end brands, but this time they’ve pushed the boundaries with their makeup range. They have created Benefit, Nars and Clarins dupes. Some of the best selling products from these brands are now in the special buys section of Aldi and I’m not sure if I love the idea yet. I am such a loyal Benefit fan I do feel like I’ve cheated on them, however, for Christmas budgets and presents, these may be the perfect alternative.

Lacura Blush – Gold Blush – £5.99

So, Gold Blush..*Cough* Orgasm, is a clear dupe for NARS Cosmetics, Orgasm powder blush. I haven’t had the chance of trying anything from Nars yet. However, I’ve always wanted to try this colour and have a few other blushers in my collection that are very similar in colouring. This was only £5.99 compared to Nars’ £24. The pigmentation is pretty good, I would say it’s the smallest bit chalky but nothing crazy or too messy. I love the colour and the fact it comes with a mirror. For teenagers who want high end makeup this Christmas, save your money and chuck this in their stocking. They literally wouldn’t know the difference. (Well, they might since teenagers are better at makeup than I am these days, but you catch my drift!)

Lacura Too Legit, Out There Mascara – £5.99

This ‘Too Legit mascara’ has every single sign of being a copy of They’re Real by Benefit Cosmetics. From the packaging, box, tube and even the iconic bristly plastic brush. I used to think Benefit was the only company who had the 360 brush but apparently not! I use Benefit mascaras religiously, in fact it’s either Benefit or Maybelline! I’m feeling hopeful for the performance of this and once again, save your pennies from £21.50 from Benefit and chuck this in a gift bag. I find this one quite funny for its EXACT packaging duplication.

Lacura Beautifying Daily Balm – £2.99

This balm is a clear replica of Clarins Flash Balm. I have used Flash Balm in the past and can see so many similarities not just in packaging but the texture. Flash balm is £32 so this is stupidly cheaper. I feel bad for Clarins at this point but for the price, again, it’s worth trying if you wanted to see what flash balm is about. The idea of this balm is to apply it just makeup application. It prevents shine, evens skin tone and allows your to look radiant even when you’re not feeling it (and let’s face it, that will definitely be me after a few gin’s this Christmas). This is such a clear dupe that I can’t believe they’ve got away with it, but it’s worth a shout if you want to add it to a gift set.

Lacura Aloha Bronzer – £5.99

This one tops the icing on the cake. I even love the Hawaiian theme they’ve stuck with. Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer has been well and truly copied. This one to me breaks my heart a little as I use Hoola every single day and feel like I’m betraying my favourite brand for this Aldi version. This even comes with one of those little blush brushes. I will be interested to see how this performs but I pray I can return to my Benefit version at some point just for loyalties sake.

So the verdict, if you’re not into dupes, this isn’t for you. These are such clear replicas which is a tad cheeky but they are so similar. If you haven’t got the budget for high end beauty or you have a friend/teenager that would love to try these brands out, then go for it. These will sell out quickly especially being Christmas but they are worth trying out, especially for the Clarins dupe, under £3, yes please!