Are These Things On Your Beauty Bucket List?*

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Many people will have some form of a bucket list in their mind. Mainly it will include holiday destinations and experiences that you want to have in your lifetime. But bucket lists can also be extended to many different aspects of your life. You can have a summer bucket list, a Christmas bucket list, or even one for the next twelve months. Beauty bucket lists can also be a thing, and perhaps some of the things mentioned below happen to be things you might want to do in your life. Here are some of the common things that many women may want to do when it comes to beauty treatments and how they look.

Cosmetic enhancements

Maybe you like the idea of having some form of cosmetic enhancement. This could be anything from an enhancement in breasts, liposuction, plastic surgery in some way. Everyone will have a difference of opinion on this, but only you can do what is right for your body. Many women would say that having specific procedures done can be the most significant confidence boost. If this is nothing that you have on your beauty bucket list, make sure you research it heavily before making any life-changing decisions.

Teeth whitening or straightening

A lot of women are now going through procedures of having braces and straightening their teeth or going through treatments of teeth whitening to get that ultimate smile. It can be quite a lengthy and pricey process, but it could certainly give you a lift when it comes to confidence. If you avoid smiling on pictures for this reason, then maybe this is something to consider in the future.


Do you like the idea of a facial? While this can become part of a beauty routine for many women, it can also be on the wishlist for others who may not afford this sort of luxury on a weekly or monthly basis. Facials can be amazing for the skin and can vary concerning what they can do. Some can be more cosmetic such as chemical peels, whereas others can be deep cleaning and rejuvenating. Many clinics offer a range of facial options so speaking to a specialist first will help you decide on what you may want to try.


Maybe you like the idea of getting a piercing. Perhaps you have none at all, and you might want to start with ears. It could be that you already have some and are looking to try new places, perhaps nipple piercings are on the list or a piercing to your nose. It could be a daith piercing or even your tongue. Whatever it is you want to do, doing it can give you the ultimate confidence boost.

A radical change of hair colour or style

Finally, maybe a radical change in hair colour is more your thing when it comes to beauty bucket list dreams. Maybe you are brunette but love the idea of going red or having a purple tint to your hair. Perhaps you are naturally blonde but want to go to the dark side. Whatever it is, a change of hair colour takes time, and consideration and can be a huge change.

What’s on your beauty bucket list?

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