Switching Off This Christmas

As Christmas rolls around, I’ve become so aware of my relationship with my phone. Even Apple has introduced a weekly notification of how long we spend on our phone (thanks for that!). I’ve decided it’s important to start switching off this Christmas. There’s only a few times a year where my job and hobbies do not require me to be dedicated to social media. On the lead up to Christmas and the week itself, it’s all about eating, drinking, being merry and seeing family and friends. So this year, I want to slowly start switching off.

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Planning my content

As you may have seen, next year I’m changing up The Beauty Type to incorporate a ‘career-wellbeing‘ section to the blog. Part of that requires a lot of planning of my content. The reason I announced the new niche so early was one, to avoid being one of a million bloggers who are going to be re-inventing in the New Year but secondly to allow myself to plan ahead rather than have to work at super speed as soon as it begins. Planning is SO easy these days. If you have an hour spare, smash out those photos, write up when you get ideas and plan in a notebook when you’re out and about.

Saving the content!

It can be so easy to publish your instagram content as soon as you have something picture worthy. Try to save some in the lead up to Christmas that can be used for any occasion. It will take some of the pressure off and allow you to be posting better content. There is a mass of images out there, so instead of feeling pressured into posting once a day at 9am and again at 5pm, why not take some time out this Christmas to work on more meaningful imagery with creative captions. This allows you to start switching off this Christmas but also keep the brand alive.

Practice a little self-care this Christmas

One of the worst ways to feel down this Christmas is to be sucked into the money machine it is. You will see people bragging left right and centre as it’s just the nature of the beast. (If you’re one of those ‘boy did good’ kind of girls, just don’t bother, no one cares.)

If you know that it gets you down, avoid it. You wouldn’t eat food you don’t like, so don’t consume media you’re not interested in. If you focus on all the great things in life and start switching off this Christmas you’ll be able to feel happier in your own little bubble with your friends and family.

We’re not great at jealousy.

Hands up, who’s seen another person get invited to an event or given a product that you secretly wondered why you didn’t get it either? If you say you haven’t, you’re definitely lying. Unfortunately due to the competitiveness of the blogging and working world, it will always happen. We will all get something that someone else hasn’t got and vice versa. So shut down your laptop, stop following that person that always gets you down and enjoy your Christmas. Switching off this Christmas doesn’t mean stopping using social media but it means switching off those elements that take up all your thoughts and begins the chance to relax. Keep being you, but don’t worry about the rest of the world.

You will be tired!

Your 9-5 is probably starting to tire you out. Winter knocks us for six every year and we wonder why we’re always so damn tired! When you get home, don’t worry about over-working or publishing a crazy amount of content. Likewise, don’t consume too much. Turn that blog post into a tweet or work on your facebook page instead where it allows you to get it out quicker without spending hours on a blog post. We’re all so consumed by every channel that it ends up wearing us down even further by the time we’re home and essentially working again.  Take it easy, the readers won’t unfollow just because you didn’t post today.

Switch on that Netflix and chill…Not like that, or like that…Who cares!

There are so many cheese filled Christmas shows on Netflix this month. If you’re into switching off, getting into the festive spirit and having a movie to delve into then Netflix is your best friend. Give me a single dad who finds his new wife in a week, a snowed-in cabin where a couple falls in love or a Christmas wish that comes true. I’m here for it all.

My personal favourites are The Christmas Switch, with Vanessa Anne Hudgens. This is the biggest ball of cheese ever but it’s so fun to watch. The Christmas Wish, this has Gretchen from Mean Girls in and she’s a regular on Hallmark films. This is a really fun film with love, Christmas and confidence.

So what’s your plan for Christmas? Are you looking to take a break from social media? I finish work on the 21st and am ready to start winding down then ready to return in the New Year relaxed and full of new ideas. I think I might take my blog in a similar direction!