Three Books That Bloggers Need On Their Christmas List

When you have a side hustle, a blog or a hobby that you want to take on to a higher capacity, it’s important to learn. We spend our first 18 years on this planet learning and then we stop. Sometimes we go on to do courses or top up’s here and there but when it comes to our hobbies do we ever think about stepping it up, especially us bloggers? If you’re a blogger or freelancer then I’ve got some gift inspiration that might be the perfect Christmas gift, either one for your own Christmas list or a perfect gift for your freelancing friend.

My top three books for bloggers self employed career inspiration gift guide

The Little Black Book – Otegha Uwagba – LINK

This really is a little pocket book. It’s tiny and it costs only a few pounds. This has a stocking filler price so is great to add to your list or even a secret Santa. I personally love this little manual as it is one you can pick up and refer to whenever you need a bit of inspiration. Each section is in bitesize paragraphs with sections that may be tailored to your needs or learning styles. There’s so many tips that are not just relevant for working women in freelance roles but as bloggers you can take some tips on stepping it up as career and side project. As I say, for the price, you can’t afford not to have this. From networking, managing your money as a freelancer, time management, there’s a bit of everything.

The Working Women’s Handbook – Phoebe Lovatt – LINK

This was the first ‘freelancing’ book I purchased when I started self-employment earlier in the year. This is a full on manual with guides on managing your finances, what to charge, whether freelancing is even right for you and so many tips and thoughts. This one really did put my mindset into a different perspective. Once I read this, I saw my blog as a viable business. The guides, mind maps and helpfully laid out points are so easy to read so that you can pick it up as and when without feeling like you’re reading a story. Phoebe Lovatt has made this handbook as something many of us can utilise within working practices and allows bloggers to learn how to implement a business into a hobby. This is personally my must-have book if you’re starting out in the world of self employment, freelance/blogging books.

The Multi Hyphen Method – Emma Gannon – LINK

This book is my most recently read and reviewed. You can see my full review of The Multi Hyphen Method here. The full review showcases why this is a great read. If you’re into learning more about what it means to be blogging as a side-hustle rather than talking about freelancing then this is for you. Many of us need our 9-5 to get by as our blogs aren’t viable to go full time on, but ┬ástill enjoy the idea of building your platforms. This book explores how to make better use of your hobby, be part of a bloggers empire, figure out how to understand your niche and consider flexible working. A great read by a professional in the same industry.

So there are my top three books for self employed workers/freelance/bloggers, you name it. If you want to step up your blogging and business game next year, add these to your Christmas list!