Working Full Time and Managing A Blog

When you’re working a full time job it’s hard to sit back down to the laptop and type away blog posts, schedule content, take photos and manage social feeds. You end up working 10+ hour days without realising which isn’t healthy, no matter how much you love your blog. As blogs are becoming part of working portfolios and CV’s, before hobbies these days, it’s important to maintain a healthy work/blog balance.

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How can you get everything done?

The truth is, you can’t do everything at once. Something I find really helpful even as a freelancer is to focus on one element of my platforms at a time. Some nights when we’re chilling in front of the TV I’ll be updating my Yoast SEO descriptions to ensure they’re all compliant, other days I’ll be organising and editing instagram photos. You don’t need to do everything at once. Or it could be that I’m focusing on a piece of client work instead. If you bring work home with you then section off different things for each day, don’t feel you’ve got to do every income stream at all once.

If you have an idea for a blog post, why not smash it out on your phone on a lunch break, then perfect it at the weekend or on an evening. You are the only one who puts pressure on your content going out, your audience doesn’t disappear when you take a break.

Schedule it all out!

When you’re working a full time job you can’t post out all of your content manually. I think all bloggers are clever enough to utilise scheduling tools if they want to get their content consistently noticed these days. It is important to plan this cleverly though. I used to use Hootsuite but it only allowed for 30 messages to be created at once. I have since changed to a paid tool but this allows me to create more messages and not worry about if they’ve run out. If you’re not able to sit down and schedule once a week, then consider something a bit more advanced.


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Utilise a free day!

If your boyfriend is playing football on a Sunday, spend time on your hobby then! There is nothing I enjoy more than a tidy house and smashing out blog post after blog post if Dan is out with his friends or he’s busying himself. I keep the content as good quality as I can but I know that the content is done and ideas have flowed. If I need to do the photos another time, cool, at least I know what to plan and to take photos of.

Likewise, if you have the benefit of using daylight one day, smash those photographs out as we all know that daylight savings stops many blogger getting those bright shots. Having a bank of drafted images is also really useful. Sometimes when I’m having a bit of a shoot, I try to take 4 or 5 different post photos to ensure there’s something for every basis, a unique instagram shot or just ‘stock imagery’ for a generic post later. You might think ‘I only needed a shot of that lipstick’ but take a picture of that lipstick with a notepad, your glasses, your laptop etc etc. Because who knows, you might be writing a blog post all about beauty in the workplace next week and you might just need a photo! The possibilities are endless!

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Look after yourself when working full time.

It can be really hard to look after yourself when you feel committed to something you love. Working a full time job whilst running a blog can be hard work. Your blog is often your salvation, your outlet and your favourite thing to work on. They are rewarding platforms to work on but if your day job makes you busy, don’t worry about us. We’ll still be here to read your content. If you have instagram or twitter, just sending out a quick message on there allows you to be present enough without disappearing completely.

Think about your favourite author, if they write a new book, you read it, then you probably don’t remember them again until their next novel. You didn’t forget about their influence and writing because when the next novel comes out you remember why you enjoyed their work and instantly return. 

Despite the Instagram algorithms, your blog readers won’t just disappear because you have a day off. The only person who gets worked up is you. You don’t need to justify not being present on your blog or instagram. Do you ever look at other bloggers who have time off and think ‘I wonder where they are today?’ No, you just pick right back where you left off after a break. Put yourself first, no matter what, working a job pays your bills and keeps you happy, your blog is a positive outlet that rewards you. Let it stay that way.

What are your biggest struggles when it comes to working a day job and a blog? I’d love to cover more in the future about this as it’s such a hot topic and even as a freelancer, my bills come before my side hustle.